Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Evan - 4 months


Remember in this post how I mentioned that Evan was not an easy baby? Well, that couldn't be further from the truth now. Baby boy mellowed out BIG TIME. Mostly because he started using a pacifier. When he figured out the pacifier it put a quick stop to the vicious catch 22 we were in- which looked a little like this:

1) Nurse a lot.
2) Nurse more for comfort because the reflux pains would be worse when he would over eat.
3) Projectile vomit because he ate too much.
4) Nurse some more because he was now empty and hungry.
5)And repeat steps 1-4 6x a day.

But within the week of him deciding the pacifier was a good thing, the madness stopped completely. He is truly such a sweet and easy baby now. He smiles almost 24/7- even on the occasion that he's grumpy and upset you can still almost always get him to smile.


-Diaper changes
-Morning time
-The swing on level 4 with the music on
-The bumbo especially on the table at dinner. He loves being included.
-Chatting/dragon yell
-His sisters- but he has an especially soft spot for Maisie. I think Ellie is too eager and loud haha!
-Baths (finally! This one took awhile to win him over!)
-Being swaddled
-Chewing/sucking/gagging on his fists and fingers
Any toy or object he can grab and stuff into his mouth- his Nuby, rattle and handfuls of hair seem to be his favorite
-Trying to watch tv
-Pluggie (pacifier)


-The car. He doesn't mind his carseat, just being in the car.
-Austin's coughs or sneezes- it startles Evan every time!
-The hiccups
-Having his neck cleaned out- I don't blame him for this one.
-Scratching himself
-Nursing under a cover
-Not being apart of the action
-Not being able to see anyone-especially me.
-When I eat something too spicy


My favorite things:
-The way he insists on holding my hand and he's very particular about how the grip is-he will readjust his grip and positioning until it's just right. If I don't automatically grab his hand when I am holding him (especially when I am nursing him) he will stretch out his arm and frantically search for my hand. It's so sweet! Sometimes when he needs a little comfort at night or while in the car all he needs is to hold hands.

-The way he pretends to chew when he watches everyone eat dinner.

-How he opens his mouth wide open when we make him dance or bounce on our laps.

-His determination to watch tv- Maisie and Ellie didn't care about the tv as babies, but Evan will crane his neck and get himself into funny positions trying to get a glimpse of the tv.


Evan's baby stats!
weight: 7 lbs 2 oz
height: 20 inches
2 days:
weight: 6 lbs 10 oz  (24th percentile)
height: 20 inches (69th percentile)
head circumference: 13.7 inches (64th percentile) 

2 weeks:
weight: 7 lbs 8 oz (50th/51st percentile)
height: 21.5 inches (98th percentile)
head circumference: 14 inches (67th percentile)

2 months:
12 pounds 8 oz pounds (58th percentile)
24 inches (91st percentile)

4 months:
15 pounds 2 oz (60th percentile)
26 1/2 inches (95th percentile)

As you can see Evan is huge! He is awesomely chunky, but is height is unreal! He's going to be taller than Ellie before we know it! I feel like he lost his smallness so quick- he took no time at all to beef up. When I look at Austin holding him he doesn't look small anymore, but when the girls hold him? He looks like a beast! It's so fun to finally have a big baby- the girls were always on the petite side, so this chunky man is incredible! Breastfeeding has always been a rewarding experience with all my kids, but I sure am proud that my body is capable of growing and sustaining such a big boy!

Evan is oh so loved by our family and have I mentioned kissable? Because heaven knows this boy doesn't have a shortage of kisses!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pumpkin Patch









Our traditional fall-time adventure to the pumpkin patch.  👍🏻🎃

Halloween 2017

Maybe mimes weren't what we originally planned to be this Halloween, but I think this has been my favorite family costume to date. If only I could have painted little Evan's face as well- I think it would have been hilarious, but it wasn't worth the risk of irritating his skin, but guys can you imagine a little baby mime!? He was donned in all black and white stripes though, which was a feat! I can't tell you how hard it is to find black and white striped things for babies or men. Navy? Yes. Gray? Yes. Black and white? Insanity inducing difficulty! The best part about our costume is that nothing is a "costume" (apart from the face paint) it's all real clothes that can be worn again, win-win! I only wish the girls took the part of mime a tad more seriously because I'm pretty sure we're the loudest mime family in history. Oh well, they sure look cute!




This was taken the Friday before Halloween. Maisie's class took a field trip to a Halloween festival and so we last minute put together this skeleton look because a few items that I had ordered for our mime costumes hadn't been delivered yet. Maisie LOVED it! She was channeling her inner Emily (Corpse Bride) all day,

Friday, October 27, 2017


 I honestly believe that I remember what it was like to hold my babies in my arms when they were new. What it felt like to pick them up while they instinctually curl their little frog legs into my chest. To watch their jerky movements as they stretch their muscles and discover the space around them. Their drawn out yawns, smacking lips and squeaky stretches. The feeling of their body as they root around and hilariously attempt to latch onto my cheek when I have them draped over my shoulder. Their toes that grip around my finger and their tight little fists that open while held. The feeling of meeting, getting aquatinted with and loving an old soul in an adorable new squishy body.

The truth is, it's not until I am in the throes of nurturing a new little one, that I truly remember its actuality with my others. To love and fall in love with my newest baby, is to love and fall in love with my older babies all over again. Because it's then and only then, that I properly remember and wholly treasure what it was like to hold them in my arms when they were new.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ellie-isms #1


Before I get to the list, I just have to say that I didn't think I would ever be able to compile a list like this for Ellie. The first two years of her life she didn't have much to say and contently let Maisie do all the speaking for her. Also, Ellie was a super serious baby and had no problem letting Maisie be the ham of the family. I don't know if it's because Maisie has been in all day school since last year that made Ellie change her mind or what, but our "quiet, serious child" is most definitely not those things anymore. She is a loud, chatty little thing and she makes it known to those all around her. It has caused quite the dynamic shift between the sisters because they both compete to be the star of the show 24/7- let's just say it's not boring in our home, or quiet for that matter. 😬 🙉

On to the list! These are some of the things that Ellie has said in the last 3 months:

"I smell something terrible in my nose".

Me: What are we going to do when Maisie goes back to school? Are you going to miss her?
Ellie: Yeah (said sadly). I'm going to play with her hatchimal (said not sadly haha!).

"Is him sad?"  When Evan was crying.

"will you get me more roopee roopes?" AKA root beer

"My little muffin man!" AKA Evan

Ellie and I were watching the "The Great British Bake Off" when I had to pause to change Evan's diaper. I hadn't noticed the screen shot it paused on until Ellie asked "Why her face look like that? Kinda creepy." Evidence below...

"Can I have another pup-cake?" aka cup cake. The funny thing is she says cup just fine by itself, but for some reason calls cupcakes pup-cakes. Any form of muffin is also called pup-cakes.

"Want to rub my feet mama?"

"BODY DRUMS!" while vigorously patting Austin's belly.

While taking a bath:
Austin: "Ellie time to clean up your bath toys (Ellie doesn't start picking up so Austin begins the count down "one... two... three" Ellie chimes in sweetly but tauntingly "four? Five??"

We have a book called "Goodnight already" that is about an obnoxious neighbor (Duck) who keeps waking up Bear who is trying to sleep/hibernate. This next interaction between Ellie and Austin is referencing that book:
Austin: Ellie you kept waking me up last night! You were like Duck and I was like Bear from
"Goodnight Already".
Ellie: you were like Bear? And I was like dove??
Austin: no you were like Duck.
Ellie: dove?? (Testing Austin)
Austin: Duck Ellie. You were like Duck. (Thinking she's not hearing him right)
Ellie: swan??

"Is that banana bread?" said when the sacrament/communion was being passed at church.

Ellie to Austin who was holding an aim and flame to light the grill "don't light me on fi-ah".

Austin: Ellie have you seen my sandals?
Ellie: Robin Hood ate them.

Ellie to Austin going to the bathroom:
"Dada are you going number 8?"

"Mama I look beautiful? (After turning her sopping wet hair over her face not unlike the girl from "The Ring" movie) I have a hair patch over my little eye."

On our walk to pick Maisie up from school, Ellie was singing to Evan because he was kind of fussy in the stroller. Ellie then asked Evan if he wanted her to sing a song from Moana. Totally expecting her to belt an actual song from the movie, she surprised me with her own song recapping the entire movie:
"I am Moana.
I want to see the volcano,
But my dad said no."

"Don't squish me like a slug!"

Across the Universe by the Beatles is playing in the car. Ellie recognizes it because Austin sings and plays it on the guitar often.
"Dada that sounds like your guitar!"
when the singing starts:
"That's what you say! That sounds like your voice!"
Half way through the song:
"I really like this song."

"Watch out mama him is dangerous! He pulls hair." warning me about Evan and his treacherous grip.

"I’m terrifighting!" terrifying and fighting mixed?