Monday, September 11, 2017

Warm Slough







(Five week old little Evan 😍)

This summer we have spent a lot of time at the river or slough to be more exact. It's a smaller portion of river that feeds into the much bigger Henry's Fork area of the Snake river. It's super kid friendly and the water while chilly, is much warmer than most bodies of water around here. The slough is shallow and the kids are able to freely explore without us having to watch them like a hawk- which is always so relaxing to do haha! The kids favorite part of the slough is finding all of the creatures that live around there- frogs, turtles, minnows and crawdads. They can spend hours searching for and catching them. It reminds me of my childhood a bit, always exploring. 

More pictures of our time spent at the slough:


Rexburg Rapids






Rexburg Rapids is a summer must. We usually only do it once or twice a summer just because it's normally crowded and we prefer adventuring and playing in natural bodies of water- streams, rivers, lakes, you get the idea. This year was a little more difficult because with Evan being a newborn that means no water activities for us, but it's still fun to watch the girls brave the slides and float the lazy river. I think Austin appreciate cooling off a bit too, this summer has been SO hot which isn't well suited for end of pregnancy or post-partum hormones, but oh well. 

A party fit for a (three year old) princess





(Ellie's little princess friends. Hailey was there too, but she darted before the picture was taken haha)

Ellie only had one request for her third birthday; that it be "pink princess" themed. Ellie is so completely different than Maisie in that she likes ALL things stereotypically "girly". If it's pink, purple, sparkles or has a Disney princess on it, Ellie is obsessed. So we thought it would be good fun to throw her a little princess party, so that's exactly what we did. It turned out really cute, the girls ate flower cupcakes, danced to Disney music, kissed a frog prince (a pin the tail on the donkey variation, but with a giant cardboard frog and lipstick for kissing) and played with their tiaras, bracelets and scepters.

Ellie ended up unintentionally falling asleep on the couch before dinner time, so I think its safe to say that she had a great time. :)

Monday, August 28, 2017

My gripe with Gripe Water

After weeks of dealing with a grumpy and evidently uncomfortable newborn we decided to (per the suggestion of many) give Gripe Water a try and see if it would help settle his reflux/stomach issues...


As you can see, it went splendidly... 😂

This all happened within a couple minutes of his first dose and just seconds after I passed him to Austin- Mom for the win! I clearly dodged the major (barf) bullet that time, but trust me I have been initiated into the club many times over since then. 😑

I think it goes without saying we aren't believers of Gripe Water.

p.s this picture while hilariously shows Austin's share of the aftermath, it does not do the sheer volume of spit up justice. It was EVERYWHERE. All over the floor and all over Evan. It was insane.

Friday, August 18, 2017

1 month old Evan update + stats



Today Evan is really one month and thirteen days old, but these pictures were actually taken on his one month birthday, so... I call that a win! :)

Other than including his birth stats in his birth story, I have yet to record his other weigh ins. So here we go:

weight: 7 lbs 2 oz
height: 20 inches

2 days:
weight: 6 lbs 10 oz  (24th percentile)
height: 20 inches (69th percentile)
head circumference: 13.7 inches (64th percentile) 

2 weeks:
weight: 7 lbs 8 oz (50th/51st percentile)
height: 21.5 inches (98th percentile)
head circumference: 14 inches (67th percentile)

I'd be lying if I said Evan was an easy baby. Adorable and chunky? You betcha. Easy and go with the flow? Not at all. His demeanor is generally pretty grumpy due to some stomach/reflux issues. His wants/fixes are simple, but simple isn't always easy or even realistic. If he had his way he would stay latched on (to me) 24/7, but seeing how that's impossible and that he ardently despises pacifiers, little man just has to grump a little bit throughout the day. I have never believed in baby swings- we have never owned one because the girls hardly cried (especially Ellie). This is not the case with Evan. If he's not in my arms exclusively, asleep or latched on, he let's the world know his dissatisfaction. Out of desperation our friends let us borrow their baby swing until their baby (due in October) is born. It has been a life saver! I had been struggling to keep up with anything or frankly do anything because I was permanently feeding Mr Evan or soothing him in some way, but let's be honest, mostly feeding/pacifying him haha. Getting just a couple hours to do the dishes, laundry, feed the girls etc. has now become a luxury. I kid around that if Evan were my first baby I would be a basket case, but seeing how I'm three kids in, I'd say I'm pretty well seasoned at this point. I am more confident in my parenting ability and honestly the girl's are (mostly) helpful with Evan and are self sufficient, which is the most helpful thing of all. Austin says "the boy just knows what he wants" and while that's true it's just unrealistic. I'm happy to feed him, but being a human pacifier hours upon hours throughout the day and night? Yeah, not so much. But regardless of Evan being a grump, he's my grump and I am so happy to have him.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Newborn photos

Evan Fresh 48-10 copy

Evan Fresh 48-18 copy

Evan Fresh 48-17 copy

Evan Fresh 48-16 copy

Evan Fresh 48-15 copy

Evan Fresh 48-14 copy

Evan Fresh 48-13 copy

Evan Fresh 48-12 copy

Evan Fresh 48-11 copy

Evan Fresh 48-9 copy

Evan Fresh 48-7 copy

Evan Fresh 48-6 copy

Evan Fresh 48-4 copy

Evan Fresh 48-3 copy

Evan Fresh 48-2 copy

A couple weeks before Evan's scheduled induction I had won a Facebook contest for a "fresh 48" photo shoot- meaning they would be taken at the hospital within the first 48 hours of the baby being born. I was ecstatic because we had never had professional newborn pictures done of the girls (what's wrong with us... seriously!). Cami, the photographer, was amazing. She was warm and friendly and super talented. We will cherish these photos forever! Look at how perfect Evan is in all of his not even 24 hour old goodness!