Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Like father, like son

My handsome boys wearing matching outfits.

Who said girls were the only one's who could pull off matching outfits?  I know I had a hard time coming around to the boy clothes, but goodness I have been won over by button ups, sweaters and cuffed pants.😍

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Evan is SIX months


mama is the only word he knows that has meaning (he knows that's what to say when he wants me) he mainly says it when he's upset, overtired or hungry, but those are all good reasons to want your mama right?

log rolls all over, sits up, pulls himself up while holding onto fingers, reaches and lunges towards anything he sees, variegated babbling and tons of it, gives kisses if you pucker your lips, dragon yells,  grabs everything and stuffs it into his mouth. Speaking of grabbing everything and putting it in his mouth just last night I was eating a popsicle while Evan was on my lap and out of no where, with no warning at all, he grabbed my arm and pulled the popsicle into his mouth. He was surprised by the cold, but didn't seem to hate it because he tried at least a hundred more times to do it again, but I caught on quickly.

his jumperoo and swing, being swaddled, sitting in his Bumbo (under very close supervision because he fell out of it), being cuddled by his sisters, being thrown into the air, when we pretend his feet are stinky (the more dramatic we are the better), looking out the window, being held, sitting in his highchair during dinner time, being read to/trying to chew on books, playing/pulling/chewing on my hair, Austin's special little whistle he makes to get Evan's attention, his sisters- he loves them and all the attention they give him everyday, dancing with Maisie or when Maisie carries him around, sleeping in our bed (it started out only being during his last feeding around 4am that I would bring him into bed with us, but I think I created a habit because now he wants to snuggle all night long, which doesn't really bother me because he doesn't move around or wake up a lot and is super easy during the night, plus I really love the snuggles too- he's probably our last baby and so I am going to soak it in as much in as possible!)

-solid food: sweet potato puree mixed with pumped milk- while not a fan, he swallowed a good 4-5 bites.

-first sippy cup of water- he was indifferent

-first time willingly using a bottle- perfect temperature is key.

-first time being watched by a babysitter

-first nap in another room.  He still mostly naps wherever I am, mostly the living room that way I can be in any of the main areas of the house, but I put him in his bassinet (yes he's still in a bassinet) in our room upstairs because we were having friends over and he was overtired. Both Maisie and Ellie by the time they were six months both needed to be in a separate and quiet room for naps during the day. I am really enjoying not having to be too conscious about it, I still very much appreciate the flexibility, but I know it's only a matter of time before he starts becoming more particular about sleep.

-first escape/fall out of his Bumbo

Little/baby man, baby bear, Man cub (Maisie), Muffin man (Ellie), piglet (he's chunky and has pale pink skin not unlike a baby pig hahaha)


Foods tried so far:
Sweet potatoes, pears, peas, and Mum-Mums.

Sleep: naps 4-5 per/day, at least two are 2.5+ hours long and the others more like 45 minutes to an hour. He usually goes to bed for the night around 8:30pm-9pm and we have him sleep in his swing in the living room (or occasionally in my arms) until Austin and I go to bed which is around 10:30 then we take him upstairs with us- sometimes he will wake up and need to eat before falling back to sleep or sometimes he doesn't wake up until his normal 3 am nursing session. For having a little baby I am not that tired. I don't feel like I am in a fog or a walking zombie like I have with my other babies. His sleeping habits are quite alright with me!

Evan is truly a happy baby. People are always commenting on his happy demeanor and handsome face. Oh, and his size- baby boy is big! He's such a chill little guy and goes with the flow without a problem. He's still able to sleep any time and anywhere without noise/light/activity being a problem. Being held in my arms is his favorite place to be or just anywhere where he can keep tabs on everyone. He is starting to "talk" a lot more- his variegated babbling is impressive and the way in inflects his voice is adorable- it really is like he's talking, but of course with non-sense words. It reminds me of the way Maisie spoke as a baby, she had an impressive vocabulary, but also spoke her own little language. Evan crashes our (me and Austin's) weekly date nights, but we like having him with us and seeing how he's so easy he normally sleeps the entire time or will happily play with a toy in his carseat. I know I felt so ill prepared to have a son, but Evan makes it easy. He's so loved by all of us and is and continues to be the happiest little addition to our family.

I joke around by saying that Evan's thighs are my greatest achievement, but maybe they really are... I mean just look at them! Also, his poor legs after his shots, but there's something about those Spiderman bandaids that make me fully remember that I have a BOY! Just  seeing those makes it feel novel again.

Evan's baby stats:
weight: 7 lbs 2 oz
height: 20 inches

2 days:
weight: 6 lbs 10 oz  (24th percentile)
height: 20 inches (69th percentile)
head circumference: 13.7 inches (64th percentile) 

2 weeks:
weight: 7 lbs 8 oz (50th/51st percentile)
height: 21.5 inches (98th percentile)
head circumference: 14 inches (67th percentile)

2 months:
weight: 12 pounds 8 oz pounds (58th percentile)
height: 24 inches (91st percentile)

4 months:
weight: 15 pounds 2 oz (60th percentile)
height: 26 1/2 inches (95th percentile)

6 months:
weight: 16 pounds 15 oz (45th percentile)
height: 27.5 inches (90th percentile)

Sunday, December 31, 2017


2017 Highlights:
Finding out we were going to have a boy!
Weird to think I was pregnant exactly 1/2 of the year!
more here

Our vacation to Arizona

My 29th birthday in Arizona at Bahama Buck's.

Maisie turned 7 on Mother's Day!

8 year anniversary
spent with spicy Indian food and an overly air conditioned movie theatre watching "Wonder Woman" an amazing date while almost 37 weeks pregnant.

Katie came to the rescue before Evan was born.

4th of July (last day of pregnancy and last picture as a family of 4).

Evan arrived safely!
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Ellie turned 3!
 more here

Watching the Great American Eclipse smack dab in the path of totality from our backyard.



Austin turned THIRTY 3-0!!

Grandma, Grandpa, Miranda, Andrew, Camille, Emerson, Jane and Arthur visited Labor day weekend.

Nana visited in October


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2017 Lowlights: 
Austin's gallbladder surgery. This picture is of Austin's gallbladder function test where he was injected with contrast and with what was affectionately called a "liquid hamburger" to see if his gallbladder produced or excreted bile- it hardly did, so they scheduled to take it out less than a week later.

Austin and Maisie's both had surgeries on their ears. 
Austin had two surgeries in a matter of 4 days.

My high risk pregnancy and delivery because of Evan's cord abnormality:
 Velamentous Cord Insertion (VCI) 
more here

(Great) Grandpa Sprague's passing.

I am blind as a bat thanks to Evan's pregnancy. 

2017 Honorable mentions:
-Ellie is potty trained, pacifier weaned and sleeping in a "big girl bed".
-Maisie learned how to swim, has her own room and is learning to sew.
-Evan is a big, healthy boy who is super smiley and happy almost 24/7. Oh and he just figured out he is flexible enough to suck on his toes- so there's that!

Outstanding achievment of 2017:
Hitting our out of pocket deductible for medical costs 5 months into the year. 😬 3 surgeries and a high risk pregnancy is crazy expensive!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas Eve family photo

Traditional family recipe


Ellie's crossed leg haha!


Our first real tree since living in Idaho- a Nordman fir.
All lit up

Maisie's Christmas list:
Lava lamp & stuffed swan

Ellie's Christmas list:
Zebra & fake make up

Evan's Christmas list:
anything to chew on or drool on

When I imagined Christmas with our kids I thought it would be stressful because of all the new toys we would have to hunt down not unlike "Tickle me Elmos" "Furbys" or "Hatchimals". But since our kids don't see commercials like ever, they don't even know what the current toys are. Instead they think of something they really want (despite its popularity) and a lot of the time they are the most humble requests. Maisie upped it this year with the request of a lava lamp, but still compared to the things I begged for as a child, it seems so small. We tried to have intention with our gifts this year, we didn't want junky toys that would break or be forgotten within a couple weeks, so we stuck with activities that could be enjoyed by the whole family, or activities the girls could do while cooped up for the winter. Painting/art supplies, board games, Floof, and books. 

For the last couple of months we have been limiting their screen time to about 30 minutes per day, with opportunities to earn screen time throughout the day, by reading a certain amount of books or with extra chores and it has been going pretty well, but now that we are stocked up on new activities I think we will be golden for awhile.

Favorite toys? Maisie loves her lava lamp and swan, but the surprising favorite has been a little sewing kit- she has been loving making little stuffed owls for everyone. Ellie's favorites- oh her love for her makeup kit, she takes it everywhere and does everyone and every things makeup, it's super cute! We also got her packs of Disney Princesses that she adores. Grandma and Grandpa got her a lego set and a Calico Critter cottage which have been huge hits as well.

Austin got me one of a kind art prints from art students at the university and they are amazing, a nursing dress that I have wanted/needed and I love it- so comfy and cute! He also got me new pots and pans and a coupon promising to do the dishes more. 😍 Austin got a few new games and a Playstation plus account- its what he wanted and he seems pretty happy about them. 

It was a low key Christmas spent with friends the rest of the evening. 

Oh and then the day after Christmas we took Maisie to Star Wars episode VIII "The Last Jedi" as a part of a Christmas gift (a new R2D2 shirt). She loved the movie- we all did.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit take 2

The 4 month sleep regression is a very real thing folks. After about a week of almost no sleep due to a baby who now knows how to work his hands in a more coordinated manner- I.E breaking out of his swaddle, loudly gagging/sucking on his fingers, scratching the mesh siding of his bedside bassinet, and overall unable to fall back to sleep because he's just too busy practicing his new skills. Thankfully, he wasn't upset and awake crying all night. His sisters during their sleep regressions were both very fussy and spent a good portion of the night overtired and cranky, but Evan was as happy as a clam, but still kept me up regardless. Out of desperation to clear the sleepless fog I was in, I decided to bust the sleepsuit out of it's long hibernation and give it a try on Evan. No joke the first night we used it, Evan was back to his pre-sleep regression sleep schedule. What is this thing!? I have always been skeptical of baby miracle workers, but this thing has no joke worked miracles for two of my babies now. We bought the suit for Ellie when she was 8 months old (read about the reasons we tried it with Ellie here and also look how cute she was) and it fits Evan the same way now at 4 months as it did for Ellie at 8! Another plus to the sleepsuit? It's adorably puffy- think Ralphie and Randy from "A Christmas Story". The beauty of it is to make it so puffy the kids can't move very easily or bend their joints- Evan is able to strong arm his hands to his mouth for a minute or two, but quickly gives up and falls asleep and stays asleep until his early morning (around 3am) nursing session. It's been glorious catching up on missed sleep! Take that 4 month sleep regression! Man, I wish I would have had this thing for the girls during their 4 month sleep regressions because for both of them that was the beginning of the end of their good sleep cycles! I am hoping we staved off Evan's potentially bad sleeping habits, before it became normal! 🙏🏻

Evan normally wakes up as I am getting ready to go downstairs to help Maisie get ready for school, make breakfast and pack lunches- but this morning he didn't. Instead of waking him up by stripping off the sleep suit (I imagine that wouldn't have gone over well) I decided to take him downstairs still suited up. He slept for another hour before finally waking up for the day. When Ellie saw him she said "Aw it's Baymax!" 😂

His little toes peaking out 😍

If you are needing a sleep miracle I highly recommend giving this bad boy a try get yours here.