Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthing Class Reunion

We just got back from our Lamaze birthing class reunion and it went wonderfully! It was great to catch up with the 4 other first time parents and talk about the adventures of parenthood thus far. It's so nice to see the ladies I only knew as massively pregnant women to now mothers of beautiful healthy babies. Maisie was the oldest by 10 days and the youngest of the bunch was 6 weeks old. There were 4 girls Emerson, Isabella, Avery and of course Maisie and 1 boy named Harrison (Maisie's boyfriend). We actually bumped into Tim, Danielle and Harrison at Mo's at the coast 2 weeks ago what a crazy coincidence that was! Anyway, we had a great BBQ lunch, shared our birth stories and overall just had a great time. Maisie had her first experience in a swing and Austin and I are now going to HAVE to get one! She loved it! So the reunion was a great success! Here are some of the pictures we took today.

Mommies & babies (Maisie, Isabella, Harrison, Avery and Emerson)

The daddys turn!

Isabella & Maisie

Harrison & Maisie

Emerson & Maisie

My Beautiful Maisie