Friday, July 2, 2010

Love at first sight...

I never believed in that expression until seven weeks ago. I remember when my mid-wife placed Maisie on my chest how overcome I was with pure joy. I was laughing and crying from sheer bliss. That was by far was the happiest moment of my life. Nothing else mattered except for my little family. In that moment I wasn't thinking about pain, money or even modesty (as I was fully exposed for the crowd of Doctors, Nurses and Mid-wives that flooded my room in case Maisie needed some extra help). I had my little girl in my arms and that was all that mattered.

From about the 8th week of my pregnancy on I had reoccurring dreams that the baby that was growing inside me was a little girl. I never called her a girl though... she was always just "baby". Oh and for a short time we called her "Pat" after the Saturday night live character where you never knew if "it" was a boy or a girl haha! But in my heart I knew. I remember the Ultrasound Tech asked if wanted to know. Austin and I looked at each other and at the same time said "Yes!" She was having a hard time finding a good angle and the suspense was killing us! She finally got the money shot, hit print screen and told us we were having a baby girl. We were so happy! Either way we would have been, but having my feelings confirmed was a great feeling. I then asked the tech how sure she was. She said 99.9 % I smiled and then asked "How long have you been doing this?" She said 18 years.... phew... a sigh of relief.

After that day I was thinking of all the memories I loved as a little girl. Katie and I picking flowers, baking cookies, putting bows in our hair, playing tea party and dress up. These are all things that I want Maisie to do. Being a girl is so much fun, but having a baby girl is even better! Everything is just so cute and puts a smile on your face. Thus this blog was inspired. My goal for this blog is to broaden my skills and to learn new ones by making crafts, following new recipes, trying new things, and while doing this I will be showering my daughter with all the love I can give. I want to be the mom who knows a little about everything. Who can sew a hem, knit a blanket, grow a garden, cook a delicious meal and make my home feel like a home to all who enter it. Being a mother is a wonderful thing!

So, here I go with every new thing I set out to accomplish if it be a craft, a recipe or a big project I will post my progress and my finished result (that is if it's not embarrassingly terrible). Plus expect weekly updates of little Maisie and what she is up to!