Saturday, August 28, 2010

Snorts and Quacks

I remember at Maisie's 2 week old appointment her pediatrician warned us that babies are always getting sick. She said not to be surprised if she gets about 6 colds a year... yikes! Last Monday my normally happy morning baby was very cranky and congested. I could hear all the goop in her airway and her beautiful blue eyes were so runny. It broke my heart to hear her obvious frustration with her difficulties to breathe through her nose. She's already a little bit of a snorter, but with the congestion it sounds more like I am raising a piglet rather than a baby. When ever I am sick as tempted as I might be to hibernate and not leave the house until I'm feeling better, I try to go outside (weather permitting) to get some fresh air and catch a little rays (nothing like a good boost of vitamin D!) So Austin and I with sick baby in tow headed to Mission Mill to eat at the cafe and walk around the beautiful greenery. Maisie slept all through lunch, but woke up as we were heading outside. Austin and Maisie were looking at the ducks from the bridge as I was digging through my purse to find some change so we could feed the already over fed ducks. I finally found a couple quarters and as soon as I cranked the duck feed dispenser every duck within a mile radius swooped down to get some of the goods. Austin and Maisie camped out under a tree by the brook and so with handfuls of corn kernels, I headed to join them. Sure enough as I sat down the bravest of the ducks surrounded us and some stayed in the water hoping we would through some their way as well. Maisie was fussing until the ducks came close enough for her to really study them. She was having so much fun tracking them with her developing eyes and hearing as they quacked. Maisie was so content and I think for that moment she forgot that she didn't feel well. She loved the ducks and they loved her. It was a nice day with my little family I only wish Maisie had been feeling better though. We really need to take advantage of whats left of the summer and having more outdoor adventures. I'm thinking the Zoo will be next!

My poor girl! Look at that runny nose!

As for Maisie's cold, she woke up the next morning feeling much better. She had more energy and definitely wasn't as stuffed up. With constant nursing and a little help from the "little noses" kit, she was back to her happy self in no time. We didn't end up using the saline drops that came in the kit, but the nasal aspirator was a million times better then the ones they give you in the hospital. I highly recommend getting one.

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