Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4 Month (But Really 5 Month) Appointment

We would have had Maisie's 4 month appointment when she was actually 4 months old, but due to switching insurance and the complications that followed that, we couldn't. Then with our trip to Arizona it pushed it back even more, but finally after multiple reschedules she had her appointment yesterday just 2 days shy of her 5 month birthday.

Around 11 o'clock we left our home for the dreaded "4 month old appointment" I.E more shots. I was so nervous. Maisie was in such a happy, playful mood and I felt so sad that she had no idea what was coming her way. We love our pediatrician so that definitely helps, but still, she was going to make my sweet baby cry therefore she is not my best friend. We went over all of Maisie's growth and she is doing fantastic! 80th percentile across the charts in height, weight and head circumference. She is advanced when it comes to supporting herself and trying to sit independently (haha now I'm THAT bragging mom) so the Dr thinks shes ready to start some solids. I am so nervous and kind of dreading it because my breastfeeding mommy instincts are sad because I feel that she won't need me as much. After much reassurance by the Dr (and Austin) I feel we might be ready to give it a try. There are many factors that the doctor feels that Maisie is ready. 1- Maisie has been early with all her developmental skills and starting solids is a developmental skill not just something that magically occurs at 6 months. 2- Since Maisie has been growing so much she has bumped up her night feeding to keep in demand of her growing needs. Our Dr feels that maybe adding some solids will help her feel satisfied longer and aid with her growth. So, most likely this weekend Maisie will have her first taste of food. Ah!

Let's get to Maisie's growth numbers:
Birth: Weight: 7 pounds 0 oz Height: 19.5 inches
1 week: Weight: 7 pounds 3 oz (gained the 4% body weight she lost in the hospital plus 3 oz)
2 weeks: Weight: 7 pounds 15 oz Height: 21.25 inches
2 month: Weight: 11 pounds 1 oz Height: 23 inches
5 month: Weight 15 pounds 5 oz Height: 26 inches

Just like last time I left the room when it was time for the shots. I waited right next to the door and I heard Maisie start "complaining" that's what it sounded like. Not quite a cry, but definitely a unhappy noise. I heard the Dr say "one down, one more to go" and then Maisie started to cry, but not the red face, clenched fist cry like last time, it was more like a "that hurt, now comfort me." I hurried in the room and Austin passed her to me and within 30 seconds she was fine. Within a few minutes she was back to her cooing and smiling self. We are so proud of our baby girl. She is growing and thriving and we are so excited to watch her grown even more. It's such a bittersweet thing, watching your baby change in front of your eyes, but its even more rewarding.