Tuesday, October 5, 2010

.:Our First Family Vacation:.

Yesterday we got back from our lovely trip to Arizona. I would have mentioned earlier on here that we were going on vacation, but for security reasons I decided not to. Better safe than sorry, right? Anyway, Maisie and I packed our bags and hopped a later plane to Phoenix Friday the 24th and then Austin met us there late Sunday morning. Maisie was doll on the plane. She quietly played with my necklace and slept probably three quarters of the flight (I think the combo of the white noise and turbulence helped lull her to sleep) . We landed at 9:30pm, and it was great to see my parents. I was so tired, but couldn't resist the temptation of a late night In-N-Out stop. We finally got to my parents home where both Maisie and I slept like babies. The next day we had a girls day. Katie, Mom, Maisie and I had lunch and spent the day talking and shopping around. That night we met up with my Dad, Mike, Walker and Jackson at BJ's Pizzeria and it was great to finally meet my newest nephews. They are very energetic handsome boys! The next morning Austin flew into town and I was so excited for him to finally relax. He works so hard to support Maisie and I and out of everyone he needed this trip the most. We for the most part relaxed, but we all did tons of fun things with my family... including but not limited to:

Lounging at the "Lloyd Resort", floating on rafts getting too much sun, acting like three year olds and running around a giant splash pad, In-N-Out, Jordans, Castles and Coasters, Mini golf, Wildflower bakery, Sipping on Iced tea in 105 degree weather, Shooting guns in the desert, visiting with family, Dillions, watching the most beautiful sunsets, family craft projects, Maisie being spoiled by the grandparents, Office season 1, sitting out by the fire pit, never feeling cold, summer clothes, producing mass amounts of vitamin D, taco night... Now that's a vacation! There are absolutely no complaints about our trip, except having to leave. 10 days just goes by too fast!

Austin and I enjoyed our trip so much that was started talking about the possibility of maybe moving back down there one day. We even made a list of pros and cons about living in both Oregon and Arizona. We agreed that we both still love Oregon, but Arizona might be the cards some day. Our lease isn't up until June and frankly there is no way in heck I will move there in the Summer so we still have a while to figure things out. I am already the missing the 100 degree weather, but at the same time this is my favorite season. I don't think you can ask for anything better than fall in Oregon. I am so excited to take Maisie to her first pumpkin patch!

Now I know this is lame because we have a brand new camera, but we didn't take very many pictures. My dad definitely was the photographer (and he also has a camera that kicks our cameras booty!) so we do have pictures, but my dad is in charge of those. He finally updated his blog and he uploaded a few pictures from our trip down. You can check those out at my Dad's Blog and I thought I would also post just a couple on here as well.

Austin, Maisie and I outside the Asanti Fountain

All of us outside Asanti

Dad, Katie, Mike, Mom, Maisie, Walker and Jackson

The cutest little baby sporting her new head band.

Vacation is very tiring!


  1. Ah, love those thighs in that last pic. You are doing great job!

  2. We really enjoyed your visit. It was the perfect dose of medicine for us. Love you all! Mom & Daddy aka Nana & Papa

  3. Cute pictures! That sounds like a very fun vacation! Isn't it so fun to be with your family? I love it!