Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maisie Shenanigans

My baby girl has been developing new skills faster than I can keep up. I have been trying to keep a mental list of all the new things she is up to, but it's about time I blog about it.

Maisie has a repertoire of ways to express amusement and depending on her mood she will either belt out a big belly laugh, chortle, chuckle, giggle, shriek, shrill and she even has a noise for when she is smiling so big, but not quite laughing yet. She has even figured out just how loud she can be and that it's a lot more fun to mix up not only your noises, but also changing up how softly or loudly you make them. She's a silly girl and I take pleasure in all her noises she comes up with to express how happy she is. There are a few sure ways to get her laughing and currently those things are:

1)Singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Old McDonald", "Head & Shoulders Knees & Toes" and this is rediculous, but Austin and I one night were singing the African gospel song "Shut de do" and she loved it! So we are now forced to sing that one as well. It has never failed getting a giggle out of her. haha

2)She is really into playing the games Peek-a-boo and "where's Maisie?!" She waits so quietly until we pull the blanket off her or until we pop up from behind the couch or from under the table. The Halloween onesie my mom got her was just perfect because that game is definitely played a few times on a daily basis. It's amazing seeing her face light up and understanding what's going on around her. She has put together that just because she can't see us doesn't mean we are not there. A whole world exist around herself and it really blows my mind to see her making that connection.

3)If we put on some music and pick her up and dance with her or even if I just dance silly where she can see me. Gets the laughter going. I think I would seriously die of embarasment if some one could see how crazy I act around my baby. I am constantly making up little songs, bouncing and dancing around just for the amusement of Maisie and nothing makes me happier than seeing her smile and hearing her giggle, so my craziness totally pays off.

She is completely obsessed with her little feet. All the toys in the world could not amuse her as much as those cute little feet attached to end of her legs. Months ago she discovered them and they haven't got old yet. She is always grabbing her toes and recently starting to suck on them. The cutest thing about this is she tries to be sneaky about it. She is always trying to hide the fact that she has her toes in her mouth. She will be holding her toes and I turn my head for one second then I hear her sucking and I look over and alas she has crammed in as many toes as she can. Then when I go to look at her she stares at me with her mouth wide open and just lets the toes slip out. She then of course starts giggling. She is such a flexible and sneaky baby. She melts my heart with all her silly antics.

When she is laying on the floor and she gets excited about something, whatever it may be she will shuffle her feet back and forth in the air. It makes us laugh every time because she opens her mouth and starts to breathe a little heavier and then start doing this leg shuffle. It's hard to explain, but trust me it is dang cute!

She loves seeing the world from a sitting up perspective so she loves her bumbo and has taking a recent interest in her bouncer again. We used to use that when she was a newborn and needed to set her down because it vibrates and very calming. She is loving it all over again, but for different reasons. The toy bar has a flower when pulled plays a song and has removable little crinkle bugs. Well now that she is much more aware of her surroundings and interested in feeling (and tasting everything) she rips off the bugs and pulls on the flower so it plays a cute little tune.

Maisie and I take baths together and it is seriously one of my favorite things. There is nothing like that skin on skin contact and seeing how happy she is to splash around and try to gulp the water and bubbles (of course I don't let her, but boy does she try!) I am so glad she is a water baby! I really need to enroll in some mommy baby swim classes. I know she would love it and I would too!

Sometimes when Maisie is in a stubborn or an over stimulated mood she will refuse to laugh or even smile. Or when she does start to laugh it will quickly turn into a complaint. It is so funny to see this bi-polar act in person. Austin is always calling her "a tough crowd", but I love it. It makes Maisie, Maisie.

She thinks it is so funny to drop everything thing and then reach for it. At this rate I will have abs of steal by months end. haha no complaints there. I can totally tell that this left over baby weight is just going to fall off once she's mobile. She reaches for everything that catches her eye. If it be a remote, cell phone, keys, news paper, seriously she wants to check out and study everything.

Grabbing/rubbing Austin's beard scruff is one of Maisie's favorite pass times. She will rub his beard for hours, but now she is taking special interest into noses, ears, lips and eyes. Oh yeah and hair! She grabs/pulls on everything. She is just so curious about everything and it's amazing to see the world through her eyes.

Occasionally if Austin is preoccupying Maisie while I am trying to get something done (get myself ready, or doing dishes or laundry) and then if I come into eye sight or sit some where she can see me, but I am not in reach she will stare at me with the most pitiful look. Austin says it looks like she just witness someone kick a puppy. Then she will burrow her head in his neck and then pop up just to give me the look again. This mainly happens when she is hungry, but sometimes she just wants her mommy. Nothing wrong with that right?! :-)

Well there you go, Maisie's shenanigans in a nutshell. I adore my baby girl. She is just perfect in so many ways, As sad as I am to see my baby change and grow, it's so exciting at the same time. I can't wait to see the amazing girl she grows up to be.

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  1. Cute! She sounds like such a pleasant and happy baby! I love reading your updates :)