Friday, November 26, 2010

New Learned Skills

Maisie has a couple new tricks in the works. 1 being, she is now drinking from a sippy cup. Austin and I were not in a hurry for this step, but upon finishing up our dinner with her one evening, she surprised us with an amazing feat. Austin had her in his lap and as we were chatting away, in one swift movement she lunged forward grabbed Austin's glass and put it to her lips and took a little sip. From that moment we knew she was ready for a big girl cup. Austin was more impressed with her skill, as I was just thankful he was just drinking water that night opposed to soda. Maisie loves her sippy cup because to her it's a brand new toy and something she can suck on and get a little drink.

It's a drink...
and now it's a toy!

Her other trick she is try to master is sitting up all by herself. It seems like she it getting better and better with each passing day. It started that she could sit up for like 10 seconds by herself and quickly has learned how to balance herself for much longer. I am thinking she will have it completely mastered in a matter of a week or two, but it is very exciting! I am just imagining her on Christmas morning sitting all by herself surrounded by gifts and wrapping paper.

Oh how I love that kissable bald head!

Maisie has a little (and I mean teeny) diva in her. Maybe it's a girl thing, but she is very capable of doing certain things by herself, but for some reason she will whine until we cave and either do it for her or pick her up. An example is this, she is very able to roll a few times or just from back to belly and belly to back, but for some reason she has decided she is now sick of doing it by herself. So she will be on her back and kind of pushing off with her legs to move around a little bit and then she will roll onto her belly and instead of rolling around or back onto her back like she used to, she will now just lay there defeated until we roll her back over. It makes me laugh every time because she acts so pathetic. I have no clue why she suddenly started doing this, but hopefully she will start rolling around again because it is just so cute!