Friday, November 19, 2010

Sleep? Yes Please!

I haven't been updating as much as I would like, but believe me I have a good (more like great) excuse. 

Maisie had her 6 month growth spurt (she usually finishes her growth spurt by the time she hits the age. So like 5 days to a week a head of time) and honestly, this one was extra rough. I am surprised I survived it! It was five excruciatingly long days and even longer nights of constant feedings and waking up every hour to do so. The days were hard because on top of the feedings, she was super fussy from being so tired. I was dead exhausted mentally and physically, sore and unable to get anything done I.E laundry and dishes (which stresses me out even more). I was so ready for this growth spurt to end and ready to have my sleeping baby girl back. We survived the no sleep 6 month feeding frenzy and I was able to get some rest. Thank heaven!

Maisie went back to her normal sleep schedule. It was amazing to start catching up on my lost shut eye, but 3 nights after her growth spurt ended Maisie started not sleeping (again). At least with the growth spurt she would pass out after each feeding, but this time she would only latch on for maybe 5 minutes (so unlike her. Even if she's not hungry) and then start squirming and crying. I could tell it was a pain cry. She wouldn't even open her eyes. I would repeat our normal bedtime routine, but this time it was taking much longer to get her to sleep and then the minute I set her down she would start crying. I put on her ocean waves white noise and it would help settle her down, but with all the effort of trying to get her to sleep, it was hard for me to fall back to sleep. So here I am dead tired and trying to fall asleep. I finally slip into la la land when I am woken up by Maisie's painful moans and cries. I knew I shouldn't have looked at the clock, but I did and I had only been sleeping for maybe 45 minutes. I swaddled her up tight, rocked and shushed her to sleep and started the process over again 10 times in one night. The next night 8 times, the night after that 5, and finally last night she only woke up 3 times and was relatively easy to get back down. I feel as though my brain is fried. I figured out that she is teething, but she has been having teething symptoms  for months now, I just think now something is starting to happen. I still don't see or feel any bumps, but I can tell it hurts her to nurse. She is constantly chewing on everything, including me (ouch!). She's been pulling at her ears, but I have been taking her temperature frequently and no sign of a fever. I used to dread the thought of her getting her first tooth because I adore her toothless grin so much, but at this point this tooth needs to show up so Maisie can be comfortable again. 

I really should be trying to get some sleep right now, but I feel a slight twinge of guilt when I go a while with out at least a tiny update. We are all healthy and happy, just on the tired side. Even with all the sleepless nights Maisie has been up to some exciting new things! But I will save that for another post.


  1. Oh, I've totally been there! All I can say as someone who is just a few months ahead of you is that it will pass (I know you know that, but sometimes it is nice to hear!). The nursing is a win/lose situation in my mind. It's so great to be able to give her the comfort, but I always wanted to just be able to say, "JJ can you please get up this time?????" Sometimes he would, but I would always end up getting up about 15 minutes later when he couldn't get Finn down. So exhausting! Oh, your sweet girl will return soon, I'm sure of it.

  2. I don't know how you feel about medications Sammie, but a little Children's Tylenol really helps. Porter weathered the teething storm much better when he had a little medicine to soothe the owie. Also, if Maisie is pulling on her ears,you may want to have a Dr look at them. I have friends whose kids have had double ear infections with absolutely no symptoms except fussines. Love you kiddo. You're doing a great job with your sweet girl.