Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Solid Food Endeavor

With how busy we were leading up to Halloween, I kind of forgot to post about Maisie's first real solid food (oops). In Arizona I mushed up a tiny and I mean itty bitty piece of avocado and gave it to her, but she still had the instinct to thrust her tongue and push all food out of her mouth. So it ended up sliding down her chin instead of into her belly, but oh well. So we gave it a little more time and then with the encouragement of our pediatrician we decided to give it another go on the 17th of October. We fed her 1 tablespoon of Natures Best Oatmeal (we choose the oatmeal over the rice cereal because it's less likely to cause constipation) mixed with an ounce and a half of pumped milk and she loved it! She opened her mouth right away and swallowed her first spoonful. I was preparing for a huge mess because of what I have read and what other mothers have warned is that babies end up wearing more of their first food than actually eating it, but in Maisie's case she definitely ate more. Don't get me wrong it was still a messy endeavor (she discovered how fun it is to blow bubbles on the spoon) but my little piglet just couldn't get enough and ended up eating all that was in the bowl. She did get a tiny bit constipated, but it's understandable seeing how she's never digested anything other than breast milk. It was a fun afternoon filled with laughter and of course full bellies.

Her Very First Bite

Looking At Daddy

Helping Mommy

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