Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Here & There

Austin had to work Christmas eve, but he ended up getting off a little early and we were able to have our Christmas present opening session before we had planned. We put on some Sufjan Stevens Christmas music, ate homemade Christmas cookies and fudge and had a wonderful time playing with Maisie and showing her all her new goodies.

My parents got Maisie a couple of neat toys that she loves. One is a alphabet ball thingy (Austin & I think it looks like one of those bingo ball spinner things). She can hit the side and it spins until it lands on a letter. Then depending on the setting it will say the letter, an animal that starts with that letter, or the noise that letter makes. Maisie was so fascinated from the second she/we unwrapped it. As it's spinning it lights up and sings a little tune. It took her a little bit to figure it out, but she has it totally down now. They also got her a bird house stacker. It has three bird houses in descending size that she can stack on top of each other and then put the three little birds into the houses. She is not quite coordinated to stack them yet, but she loves knocking them down, chewing on the birds and clanking the houses together. Maisie also got a cute piggy bank and a Huntington Beach t-shirt (so cute! I can't wait to take her there some day).

Aunt Katie got Maisie a 5 pack of baby legs! They are so adorable, plus she can wear them forever. They are just so cute and also functional. They make diaper changes a breeze, protect baby's knees when shes crawling around and they also make an outfit. Maisie loves them too. She knows her chubby thighs look extra scrumptious when shes wearing her baby legs!

Austin & I got Maisie a 4 set of Dr Seuss board books, a FAO Schwarz wooden bear stacker (looks old fashioned and I love that!) a new outfit, The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book and a blow up penguin that she can bat at and it comes back. She loves to watch it teeter back and forth and she thinks the noises it makes are so funny (it laughs when its knocked down and plays a funny song in between). She is definitely good in the toy department for a little bit.

After we opened our presents we packed our bags and headed to Salem where we could celebrate Christmas with Austin's family (parents and sister). We went to bed way to late, but were able to sleep in for a change. We headed up stairs where Aunt Miranda was trying to stay patient while waiting for every one to congregate to the living room. We all finally made it and then started another present opening extravaganza. Maisie this time made it out with tons of clothes! Which is great. Maisie never says no to a cute outfit!

Austin & I also got great gifts as well. My parents sent me a lamp that I saw when I was visiting them. I loved it so much I was contemplating taking it as a carry on! Austin convinced me otherwise haha. This lamp is amazing. It is modern yet, comfy chic. I knew that this lamp is what I would want to base my (Austin's too) whole room around. The pattern and colors already matched our bed spread in a perfect, but not to matchy match way. So I was thrilled about that. Weeks prior I had guessed my gift, but my parents kept their cool, but I'm just a good guesser (plus I can read my parents like a book). Anyway, so when I "knew" that was my gift Austin and I had mentioned to his parents that we would want to furnish our room. Yeah, get this... We have been living in our apartment over a year and still don't have bedroom furniture. Up until last month our bedroom t.v was sitting on a box! We were just preoccupied getting living room/dinning room (places people actually see) and then Maisie's nursery that our room definitely got the back burner. I was always a little down about that because a bedroom should feel like a refuge. Anyway, after telling Austin's parents about my future lamp and how we would like furniture, they gave us a gift card to Ikea for Christmas. Yesterday we spent forever looking and figuring out how to spend our money the smartest. We do need a bed frame/headboard, but that could have taken all of our money so we got a dresser, a bedside bookshelf, a t.v table thingy, a new shower curtain and a high chair for Maisie that we needed badly. Last night Austin set up all the pieces and we reorganized our room and already it feels so much better. There is still more things that we need like a bed frame a big dresser and maybe some art, picture frames and maybe even a coat of paint. Austin told me today that when he woke up this morning it was like waking up in a nice hotel (but anything would be nice comparing to how it used to be haha!) we did good and I am excited to add more in the near future.

Here are a few pictures from both of our Christmas celebrations!

At Home on Christmas Eve

Opening Presents from Nana & Papa

Very excited about the H.B tee
P.s check out those baby legs!

At Grandma & Grandpa Lee's on Christmas Morning

Opening the first gift.

Sporting her one of her many new outfits

Still so cute even when frowning.

We had such a wonderful Christmas. We were surrounded by loved ones and having a great time celebrating the Saviors birth for the first time with our little Maisie moo. Christmas has come and gone, but the warm cozy feelings are here to stay.


  1. What a cutie :) I love the frownie-face in the last pic too! Babies are fun :) I'm so glad you got bedroom furniture!!! We've definitely been through the "newly married" stage with furniture and things- almost all our furniture are still hand-me-downs! Wouldn't have it any other way though :)