Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Maisie Moo's 7 Month Birthday

It's incredibly strange to say that Maisie is 7 months now. I remember counting by weeks and now my baby is closer to a year old than when she was a newborn. There are moments where I miss those days, but then I am quickly reminded how amazing it is to have an infant this age. She is now a baby with a million faces. Just watching her for a minute you see contentment, boredom, alertness, inquisitiveness, but overall the sweetest and silliest expressions. Another thing being her noises, as much as I miss those newborn sounds (I.E the lip smacking, stretching noises and squawks), absolutely nothing can beat her saying "mom mah... momma... mmom...mom mom" I don't think she has fully put it together that what she is saying is my name, but she definitely knows I respond and that I am ecstatic everytime she says it. Which is pretty frequently now. It's certainly her go to noise. :-) I can see we are heading down a very busy road here soon, but we are ready. It's so fun to see her learn and grow!

Maisie is truly a blessing to Austin and I. Before her, we never knew it was even possible to love something this much. She is our breath of fresh air, our constant reminder of what's important and who we want to be better for. The gift of parenting has been nothing short of incredible. 7 months ago Maisie entered our life and there's not a day that goes by where I am not reminded how blessed I am to be her mommy.

Happy 7 month Birthday Maisie Moo! We are so in love with you.


  1. She is such a sweetie! Isn't it crazy how they get old so fast. Finn turns nine months on Sunday and last night I was shocked to think that he will be ONE in three months. ONE! That really isn't a baby anymore. I told JJ I just want to freeze him at this age because he is just the sweetest, most expressive happy baby and I will be so sad when this stage is over. I can kind of see why people have four and five kids. I can see wanting to repeat this time period over and over again.