Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mango a No-Go

On Christmas day Maisie had her first taste of mango. Her eyes lit up and before I could put more on the spoon her mouth was wide open as she tried to grab the bowl and spoon. I have never seen this reaction from her. Usually she just eats whatever I give her. Sometimes I can tell it's not her favorite, but she will still eat it. Mango is definitely her favorite so far, but Maisie loves mango, but the mango didn't love her back.

Maisie has never had a diaper rash. I was proud of it too (notice *was). We have had a couple close calls, but thanks to Burt's Bee's diaper ointment we have always caught it in time. But even the Burt's couldn't stop the mangoes havoc on my sweet Maisie. When trying new foods I am sure to keep an eye on anything out of the ordinary. I look for rashes (the obvious) and the not so obvious tummy aches and trouble sleeping. I was a little worried about mango because it is totally different than anything she has had before. After that first bite I couldn't deprive my darling baby of something she enjoyed so much. She had maybe an ounce of it and then I had to cut her off. That night went by great. No rashes. No trouble sleeping. Then the next morning while changing her diaper she was a little red. I put some powder on and went through the day. Maisie then had a B.M and when I was changing that diaper I noticed it was a whole lot worse. Austin made an emergency run to Fred Meyer (because we were at his parents house and of course the one time I don't bring the diaper ointment is when we need it) slathered her up and upped the diaper changes. Everyday it got a little better, but today it is completely gone.

I think we will give it some time before we reintroduce it again. Maybe next time I will dull it down a little with a banana or something else on the bland side. While on the topic of foods, I thought that I would share the foods Maisie has had so far and tell you the Maisie yum or blah factor.

Pumpkin- Big Yum (loves it mixed with oatmeal too)
Avocado- Big Yum
Peas- Yum
Sweet Potato- Yum
Acorn Squash- Big Yum
Pears- Yum
Prunes- Yum
Banana- Big Yum (but it makes her terribly constipated)
Mango- Biggest Yum
Apples- Blah unless it's mixed with pears or pumpkin and then Yum
(I think she finds them too tart alone)
Zucchini-Blah (she will still eat it, but she makes a funny face with every bite)
Carrots- Big Blah (on occasion she will refuse to eat it) Mixed with peas she will eat most of it.

I make all of her purees (Except for prunes. How the heck do you make those anyway!?) organic and fresh. I figured that I have always had a big part of what she eats (I.E breast feeding) so, I didn't want to give up knowing that I am only giving her the best I can. I am so happy I have such a good eater. I have high hopes of her becoming "foodie" like her parents. I just won't stand for a picky eater! Haha my mom has taught me well.