Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Maisie Bear

The past few days have been beautiful. No rain, nice sunny skies, but absolutly freezing. Yesterday for example didn't get above 35 degrees. Most days I don't mind the dry cold, but I HATE the wet, chilled to the bone weather that Oregon is notorious for. So with this unexpected and rare sunny winter weather we decided to take a nice walk on Monday. We dressed in our winters warmest and put Maisie in a full onesie plus a full body winter bear suit. You can't help but giggle when you see her in it. Our dear friends and neighbors gave it to us and she has already used it quite a few times. It's definitely cozy and warm, which is perfect when we decide to brave the weather for a stroll or to check the mail. We took a couple pictures of Maisie sporting her winter outfit and I knew I would regret not documenting the cuteness that is my Maisie Bear.


  1. Maisie is so darn cute!!! Those perfect lips are just yummy. Isn't this a great age?