Thursday, January 6, 2011

Return of the Swaddle

Maisie is normally pretty easy to put to sleep. At about 8:30-9 o'clock shes ready for some shut eye. She will rub her eyes, yawn and if we wait a little longer then that she will start fussing. Then a couple weeks ago all of the sudden it was almost impossible to get Maisie to sleep without breaking a sweat. We hit a wall. Austin and I are both so exhausted by days end and in order for her to fall asleep we had to bounce and shush her so hard that it was becoming a chore. "It's your turn to put her down tonight." ...sigh. She was just restless and wanted to practice her new learned source of transport. She always wanted to be on the move. We would get her almost to sleep and then set her in her crib and then all of the sudden shes wide awake either rolling or grabbing onto the crib bars. She would do this until she wanted to be held again (probably about 10 minutes) and then start crying. One night we were so desperate for her to fall asleep that I busted out one of our Aden and Anis swaddling blankets and like a ninja I quickly wrapped her in a tight, near impossible to escape out of swaddle. And you know what? She fell asleep almost instantly. We have been swaddling her every night since and she is so easy to get to sleep now. I am sure she would be fine without the swaddle, but seeing how it is winter I love knowing shes snug as a bug. She seems to enjoy it as well. She always lets out a little giggle as I am swaddling her and it never fails to make me smile.


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you!! Briella has grown out of her swaddlers and she does not sleep well without one! We were cracking up tonight as I tried to swaddle her and set her down to go grab her bottle, and came back to her grinning as she rolled crazily across the floor with one arm loose and flailing! Not so great for sleeping. We will defiantly give these swaddlers a try, she's our snuggle-bug and needs it while she's sleeping too!

  2. We had the same problem with Finn and ended up having him sleep in his pack and play because he didn't have bars to grab on to (he was standing up and crying because he didn't know how to get himself back down). He is sleeping great now, but we haven't been able to transition him back to the crib. I figure I don't really care if my nursery looks weird, I'm getting a full nights sleep every night, so it's worth it.