Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Backyard Photo Shoot

Today the sun came out! Ok it was short lived, but sun nonetheless. One of Maisie's favorite spots in the new house is in the dining area. Where there is a huge ceiling to floor window (kind of like a sliding glass door, but not a door) she scoots/crawls over there with toys in tow and soaks up some vitamin D, stares outside at the crazy green stuff covering the ground and watches as the bushes and trees dance in the wind. Today when she was hanging out in her corner I busted out the camera, which then turned into a full-out photo shoot. Complete with a wardrobe change! It started out inside then I moved outside to catch her smear her face (including mouth and tongue) and hands on the glass window and then when she realized we were separated by essentially a wall, I snatched her up and took advantage of the much need sun break.

Maisie's Corner


  1. Those are really cute, especially the one with her face smashed against the window.