Thursday, March 24, 2011

January Swing Ride

I have been meaning to make this post for 2 months now, but better late than never. At the end of January while Austin, Maisie and I were in Salem to meet up with our guru tax-man, we decided to take a walk to a park right next to Austin's parents house to have Maisie try out the swings. We layered her up and started our stroll. It was chilly, but beautiful out. Maisie was loving the bumpy ride and watching other kids run and bike by. We made our way to the baby swing and I nervously handed her to Austin where he got her situated and then he started to gently push her back and forth. See below for the story told in pictures.

A little nervous.

OK. Not too bad.


I love this picture.
The sunset glow was incredible.

Only a few more months until Summer!
Whoo hoo.
So excited to adventure outside with Maisie and get our hands dirty.

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