Saturday, March 12, 2011

Making The Move

We are officially moved out of our apartment and into our new duplex. There are still boxes galore to unpack and organize, but we are now able to now call this our home. We are still adjusting and it still doesn't feel like "ours" but it will get there with time. I was sad to leave our apartment. As much as it is a relief to now have a bigger space that we can grow into (did I mention this place has 3 bedrooms, a garage AND a backyard?!) but this isn't where I brought my sweet newborn Maisie home from the hospital. 90% of my memories of Maisie Moo were in that apartment. Not to mention we made life-long friends with our downstairs neighbors. It's going to be hard not being a set of stairs away from them. I miss being there, but it's simultaneously filled with excitement (and nesting urges) for our new home. I feel like we gave Maisie such a gift and I tell her almost everyday that this new place was just for her. I see a kiddie-pool in the backyard and sidewalk chalk on the driveway. I see her sliding on the wood floors in her socks and building forts in her room. I wanted to give her a home and I feel so accomplished now that we have.

Once we are more settled I will post some pictures of our new place. Be patient though. It's tough stuff moving and unpacking with an almost 10 month old.


  1. Congrats!!! That's so exciting for you guys :)