Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Austin's Infamous Leprechaun Story

Ever since Austin and I were dating I noticed that in the downstairs living room of his parents house, in the very corner, over a built-in desk, there is a framed story that Austin wrote. It doesn't have a date, but Austin is pretty positive he wrote it in second grade. I remember the day that I first read it and every time I pass by it, I smile because of how funny, yet disturbing the story about Austin's adventures with a leprechaun is. I thought I would share this story, and if you know Austin, remind yourself that he is a good and relatively normal person.

I will write exactly what he wrote and in parenthesis I will clarify what word he was trying to use/spell.

One day, I was walking in my back yard, and I suddenly say (saw) a leprechaun. He had a tiny violin and he was dancing to the tune. I ran back into the house and pulled out my dad's 44 stud "FREEZE"! I shouted at it. I thretened (threatened) it to tell me where it hid it's gold. He told me his gold was under a rock that was down town. I asked him if he could drive. He told me yes. I told him to get into the car and take me to his gold. While he was driving he disapearded (disappeared), the car wrecked and I died.

I have to say I am so excited to have a son one day! If our son is a fraction of the character that Austin was and still is, we will have some fun adventures and hopefully some interesting school papers to read.

Ok. To prove that Austin was a normal kid (or at least looked normal) here is a picture of him and his older brother Andrew.

Maisie definitely inherited those ears! P.s how cute are the suspenders holding up the railroad striped shorts and Andrew's blazer/bowtie combo?!

Anyway, I love my husband and I wish I could have known him as a kid, but since the day I met him our Junior year of high school it has been an adventure. He always makes me laugh and is truly my best friend and partner for all time.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cough Drops & Cherrios

Maisie is going through a funny stage right now and it's all about hiding things. She is discovering that small items are really fun to put into other things.

For example:
When my mom and Katie were still in town, Katie came downstairs to slip her shoes on and just about when she had her foot half way in, she quickly removed her shoe and dumped out 6 cough drops. Maisie had been ransacking my purse minutes earlier and I saw that she had got into the bag of ricolas, but I took them away from her, but I guess not before she had put a handful (or 2) into Katie's new shoes.

The cough drop incident was just the beginning, it has reached a whole new level with cherrios. I find random cherrios in about every square inch of this house and I vacuum and clean A LOT. And no, these are not scattered cherrios from a messy baby because they are strategically placed. They will be on top of a block, in a cup, in the baby wipes box, in her shoes, on the book shelf, on a book and even IN a book. These are no accident. It hasn't failed to get a laugh out of me yet. Like the American flag on the moon, Maisie has left her mark. That little stinker!

In the next few days I will try to take some pictures of the interesting places where I am finding Maisie's hiding skills at work. Hopefully I will have some good ones to share!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Since Maisie turned one 2 weeks ago, the idea of weaning has been heavy on my mind. Not that I feel she or myself (mainly her though) are ready to give it up quite yet. Honestly I feel she would go as long as I let her. She shows absolutely no signs of wanting to self-wean. But the weaning concept is intriguing me.

You mean I could finally have my body back!?
Like I said intriguing... very intriguing.

Reasons for NOT weaning (yet):
1) Well of course all the health factors for her.
2) Her not being ready (but I feel she may never fully be ready on her own)
3) Goes along with 2, but the battle of weaning. Tears for mommy milk.
4) No more being bitten. OUCH!
5) Losing the ultimate soothing technique.
6) The close bond created through nursing.

Reasons FOR weaning:
1) I will finally be able to lose the pregnancy weight.
Yes. I just happen to be one of the rare few that don't lose weight while breastfeeding. Instead my body clings to every calorie and fat molecule in order to produce milk. I haven't lost 1 pound since she was 3 months old. So sad.
2) Losing the pregnancy weight so we can start thinking about getting pregnant again. I am not doing this for vanity issues, but simply for health reasons. If I gained another 40 pounds like I did with Maisie on top of the weight I haven't lost (40 pounds) that would be bad. So my goal before we plan on trying, this old pregnancy weight has got to go! It would be nice to have a good 6 months in between that too!
3) Bye-Bye nursing bra! Finally be able to wear cute bras again! Wahoo!

Ok so obviously the reasons to not start the weaning process totally out-weigh the reasons to, but when will be the right time!?

Since I have been thinking about this whole weaning thing, I decided to give Maisie some organic cows milk (not instead of nursing, but just for her to try it). I started giving her sips from my glass which she seemed pretty happy about, but then again she is always happy when she knows she is eating or drinking something that was intended for me or Austin. So then after a couple tries of that and having good results, I put some in her sippy cup and she seemed offended. She spit all the milk out and refused to drink it. Hum... I have been trying it every morning and still no luck!

So that kind of put a hamper on my weaning dreams, but to make it worse...
Maisie just started signing the word milk. I used to sign it to her before I nursed her and during, but I have been totally slacking. Then last night totally out of no where, while I was playing with her on the floor, kissing her belly, she sat up looked right at me and signed milk. At first I thought it was on accident, but then she came flying towards me as she started to settle in to the "feed-me position". I was laughing so hard. 1) because I was so impressed and 2) she was so dang cute. So now she does this seriously all day long. I think I nursed her more times today than when she was a newborn in a growth spurt! She just kept coming up to me all day signing milk and then would chuckle because she knew I was going to feed her. They were all very short, but a million tiny sessions and I think shes doing it for a couple reasons. I think she finds it amusing that when she signs it, I immediately feed her and the other reason being she is teething very badly and constantly needs comforting. But regardless now that she learned how to sign milk, the weaning idea has gone out the window for now.

But it's still an appealing idea to say the least.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

like mother like daughter?

I took this picture of Maisie a few days ago and her facial expression reminded me of a picture of myself taken not too long ago (ok almost 5 years ago, but still, I was no baby. At least Maisie has that excuse.) So I started rummaging until I found the gem I set off to find. The picture has been well-loved (I.E a little abused) and also I had to take a picture of the picture so the quality is not the greatest, but that will not hinder your ability to see the similar mad-face qualities me and my daughter share.

This picture was meant to be a loving sister photo, but right as Austin was taking the picture my pest-of-a-little-sister (just kidding Katie, but look at your face, you so knew what you were doing.) started pinching my side and Austin was able to catch this raw emotion as it was very clearly on my face. My mouth is starting the "sttt" movement of stop it. Austin started laughing right as he saw what he had just captured so he handed me the camera and when I saw this picture all I could say was "Do I really look like that when I get mad!?" Katie and Austin both replied (and very quickly I might add) "YES!"

So, I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

p.s here's the sisterly picture that was supposed to happen.
See we can pull it together.
love you Kt.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Coast Post

As promised, here are the pictures of our trip to the Oregon coast last Sunday. The weather could have been nicer, but you can't plan a trip to the coast expecting great weather, it's just a bonus if it isn't freezing. As the sun started to set was when the weather was at it's best, so we ran up and down the shore line and of course took way too many pictures. This trip included a tour through the Tillamook cheese factory where we ate fresh cheese curds and icecream sundaes. Other coast highlights included Mo's and Lincoln city's finest shopping.

I sometimes take for granted how close we live to the coast. No matter the weather, the ocean is always a sight for sore eyes. The lulling sound of the waves crashing, the fresh, crisp salty air, ah, we must make more trips there. Maybe for mine and Austin's 2 year anniversary next month? We will see. Katie pointed out that this was the first time she had seen the ocean in over 3 years. A very sad thought. I was glad that my mom and Katie got to finally breathe in the fresh air and eat tasty seafood because regardless of signs saying "fresh fish/shrimp/sushi" in Arizona, it really can't be that fresh.

Mo's! Oh and yes, and there's Austin too.


First family picture in a long time.

No need to tell us how cool we are. We know.

It's not even funny how many pictures it took to get all of us
in the air at the same time.

This was an honorable mention even though not all of us are airborne.
Good going MOM and KATIE!


Maisie, snug as a bug and looking mighty cute.

Ocean eyes.

Maisie reminding Nana where her nose is located.
Currently Maisie's favorite game pointing at named body parts.
So far she knows eyes, mouth, teeth, ears and nose of course.
She is a smarty pants.

Austin was so impressed at how incredible the sight was through his sunglasses that he decided to take a picture through them.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nana & Auntie Kt Visit

Wednesday the 11th, my lovely mother and sister flew from the Sunset state to the Beaver state (AKA Rainsville) for a visit and to celebrate Maisie turning 1! We hadn't seen them since our family vacation last September, so a visit was due. We spent most of our trip eating great food, shopping and of course catching up. Maisie misses her nana and auntie. The day after they left she would scower the house looking and wondering where every one was. It sure is quiet around the house now that it's just back to me and her. Maisie sure got spoiled with all the extra hands to hold her and play with her to her hearts content. It was very nice for me as well having a semi-break of doing everything by myself (on the days Austin works of course. He helps out a ton on his days off). I miss my family too, but living apart from each other gives us a great reason for making kinda frequent vacations.

Here are some pictures of their trip.

Nana & Maisie

All of the girls
Kt, Nana & Uncle Tim

Auntie KT & Maisie enjoying a free horsey ride.

We also made a beach trip while they were in town, but I will save that for the next post. Stay tuned!

Maisie's 1st Birthday

My sweet little Maisie turned one last Saturday. It was a wonderful celebration filled with all the people who love and adore her most. She enjoyed all the hugs, kisses and attention even if she didn't know it was actually the day of her birth. It was a beautiful way to celebrate the first year of her life with our closest friends and family.

All went well with only a few "hickups". Being we live in Oregon, which is hands down the hardest state to predict good weather for, it was fairly nice until the hour of the party when freezing winds came in and tried to freeze us out. We still had a great time and will remember this day for days to come.

My heart hurts a little knowing that my baby is quickly becoming a toddler. As much as I love seeing her learn and grow theres something about being a mother that when you don't see that little baby who was first placed in your arms, but instead see a well balanced, happy child, it's so bittersweet. I love learning her little personality and seeing who she is becoming, but what happened to the baby who I used to hold and stare at for hours at a time? There are days where I miss her "jelly" self, but at the same time I wouldn't change a thing
about her now. She is honestly perfect. She completes Austin and I more than we could ever explain.

Ok enough gushy stuff... let's get to some pictures!