Monday, May 23, 2011

Coast Post

As promised, here are the pictures of our trip to the Oregon coast last Sunday. The weather could have been nicer, but you can't plan a trip to the coast expecting great weather, it's just a bonus if it isn't freezing. As the sun started to set was when the weather was at it's best, so we ran up and down the shore line and of course took way too many pictures. This trip included a tour through the Tillamook cheese factory where we ate fresh cheese curds and icecream sundaes. Other coast highlights included Mo's and Lincoln city's finest shopping.

I sometimes take for granted how close we live to the coast. No matter the weather, the ocean is always a sight for sore eyes. The lulling sound of the waves crashing, the fresh, crisp salty air, ah, we must make more trips there. Maybe for mine and Austin's 2 year anniversary next month? We will see. Katie pointed out that this was the first time she had seen the ocean in over 3 years. A very sad thought. I was glad that my mom and Katie got to finally breathe in the fresh air and eat tasty seafood because regardless of signs saying "fresh fish/shrimp/sushi" in Arizona, it really can't be that fresh.

Mo's! Oh and yes, and there's Austin too.


First family picture in a long time.

No need to tell us how cool we are. We know.

It's not even funny how many pictures it took to get all of us
in the air at the same time.

This was an honorable mention even though not all of us are airborne.
Good going MOM and KATIE!


Maisie, snug as a bug and looking mighty cute.

Ocean eyes.

Maisie reminding Nana where her nose is located.
Currently Maisie's favorite game pointing at named body parts.
So far she knows eyes, mouth, teeth, ears and nose of course.
She is a smarty pants.

Austin was so impressed at how incredible the sight was through his sunglasses that he decided to take a picture through them.