Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cough Drops & Cherrios

Maisie is going through a funny stage right now and it's all about hiding things. She is discovering that small items are really fun to put into other things.

For example:
When my mom and Katie were still in town, Katie came downstairs to slip her shoes on and just about when she had her foot half way in, she quickly removed her shoe and dumped out 6 cough drops. Maisie had been ransacking my purse minutes earlier and I saw that she had got into the bag of ricolas, but I took them away from her, but I guess not before she had put a handful (or 2) into Katie's new shoes.

The cough drop incident was just the beginning, it has reached a whole new level with cherrios. I find random cherrios in about every square inch of this house and I vacuum and clean A LOT. And no, these are not scattered cherrios from a messy baby because they are strategically placed. They will be on top of a block, in a cup, in the baby wipes box, in her shoes, on the book shelf, on a book and even IN a book. These are no accident. It hasn't failed to get a laugh out of me yet. Like the American flag on the moon, Maisie has left her mark. That little stinker!

In the next few days I will try to take some pictures of the interesting places where I am finding Maisie's hiding skills at work. Hopefully I will have some good ones to share!


  1. Hehehe :) I remember West going through that stage- it was so funny until he started hiding my keys and cell phone! Then I wanted to go insane! These little monkeys are so funny ;)