Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nana & Auntie Kt Visit

Wednesday the 11th, my lovely mother and sister flew from the Sunset state to the Beaver state (AKA Rainsville) for a visit and to celebrate Maisie turning 1! We hadn't seen them since our family vacation last September, so a visit was due. We spent most of our trip eating great food, shopping and of course catching up. Maisie misses her nana and auntie. The day after they left she would scower the house looking and wondering where every one was. It sure is quiet around the house now that it's just back to me and her. Maisie sure got spoiled with all the extra hands to hold her and play with her to her hearts content. It was very nice for me as well having a semi-break of doing everything by myself (on the days Austin works of course. He helps out a ton on his days off). I miss my family too, but living apart from each other gives us a great reason for making kinda frequent vacations.

Here are some pictures of their trip.

Nana & Maisie

All of the girls
Kt, Nana & Uncle Tim

Auntie KT & Maisie enjoying a free horsey ride.

We also made a beach trip while they were in town, but I will save that for the next post. Stay tuned!