Thursday, June 9, 2011

12 month appointment

On Monday Maisie had her 12 month appointment (12 1/2 month appointment really) and everything went just fine. We had a lot of questions for the Dr. mainly regarding sleep because we are still not getting any of it in this household. That woman is a saint, I always feel like I am causing her to get behind for all her other appointments, but she is so patient and kind. I know I have said this before, but I really do adore our pediatrician. She is very reassuring and real. She doesn't sugar coat anything, but at the same time very personable and sweet. Maisie enjoys her too. Anyway, after getting much needed reassurance and advice it was time for Maisie's vaccinations. Oh man. Austin convinced me to stay in the room and it was the worst EVER. Since Maisie is old enough to put up a fight they have to pin her down good. So Austin was holding her arms while the nurse was holding her legs and I was in the corner of the room literally not knowing what the heck to do with myself. I was fidgeting, turning in circles because I didn't know if I should watch or not and covering my mouth. I seriously looked like a crazy person. I wanted to snatch her up so bad, but couldn't. Before I knew it, it was over and little Maisie was holding her arms out to me with tears streaming down her cheeks. After a little bit of snuggles she was back to normal in no time.

birth: weight- 7 pounds even height- 19.5 inches
1 week: weight- 7 pounds 3 oz gained back the 4% body weight + 3 oz
2 weeks: weight 7 pounds 15oz height: 21.25 inches
2 months: weight- 11 pounds 1 oz height- 23 inches
5 month: weight- 15 pounds 5 oz height- 26 inches
7 month: weight- 16 pounds 14 oz height- 27 inches
9 month: weight- 17 pounds 15 oz height- 28 inches
12 month: weight- 18 pounds 14 oz height- 30 inches

I was a little worried that Maisie hadn't even gained a pound since her last appointment 3 months ago, but they said that it was very normal for babys to peak for awhile especially because she is so much more active than before and it's not like she isn't growing because she grew 2 inches! Maisie is very healthy and even though shes only in the 10th percentile for weight now, she still has a some chunk on her. She is very petite and dainty with chub in all the right places.

Oh and the peditrition then witnessed all of Maisie's brilliantness (I.E mind tricks/games) and she warned us that it's the really smart kids that are the difficult ones. I think we are in for a crazy adventure. Maisie has a crazy vocabulary she knows ALL the names to her toys, everyday utinsils (spoon, cup, bowl), eating terms (milk, water, food, more), facial body parts (eyes, ears, mouth, nose, lips and teeth), clothing items (socks, shoes, hat, diaper) animals (cow, duck, caterpillar, dog, cat) although she doesn't say most of these terms yet she loves proving that she understands by bringing you the item you asked for or when she's being lazy just pointing at it. I knew she knew a lot of names for things, but one day I decided to test her by asking her to bring me pretty much everything in sight and she did it perfectly no help at all. It was a little frightening, but very exciting. Everyday I try to throw a new word or object in to make it interesting. I love how proud she gets of herself and how confident she is in her ability to do something. She is determined and stubborn, but it is so exciting to see her, who she really is now and who she is becoming.

We are teaching her "please" right now, which is a little more difficult because there's no face to put to it. I think she is a visual learner like me and maybe even has a little bit of photographic memory like I do (I get it from my grandpa). We will see, hopefully "please" will catch on soon, I just hope it doesn't make us cave every time she uses it ( I can just see it now. "Maisie not right now" *Maisie signs please* "ok, here you go."). After she masters that one, we will work on "thank you". Nothing is boring with little Maisie that's for sure!

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