Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daisy Head Maisie

We found out about this book after we already had decided Maisie's name. But if we didn't spell Maisie the way we did, I think this would have been option 2. There are so many ways you can spell "Maisie" pick any of the following options:
Mae/Mai/May sey/sie/zee/zie/si/sy/zi/zy

At first we had a hard time deciding on how we wanted to spell her name. All we knew is that we wanted it to end with "ie". Once we found this spelling it was very mutual that we liked (loved) it best. It's very sweet, plus it has more of a "old fashioned" feeling.

This picture was nearly impossible to capture because Maisie wanted to admire (/eat) the flower, not actually wear it. Plus, we lucked out. The pink fluffy dress was her fathers day garb, it just happened to work perfectly to complete the daisy-head Maisie look.

We still need to acquire this book. It's not very common, but we will find it!