Friday, June 3, 2011

Here comes the sun... (finally)

The weather man promised sun this weekend, but today was incredible. Anyone who lives in the green state of Oregon knows 2 things; 1) It's green because it rains a lot and 2) the weather men don't get it right often. So when it was actually beautiful allll day long, I could have jumped for joy (I may or may not have done a cartwheel or 2). You better believe Maisie and I took advantage of this rare sun sighting (so depressing seeing how it's June and EVERY day should be like today, but I'll take it). Austin joined the fun when he got off work at 1:30pm.

Maisie and I started our day opening all the windows in the house and letting the fresh morning air in. We went about our normal routine of breakfast, play, reading and sometimes a baby Einstein or 2 and then down for a nap. When she woke up I fed her a snack, slathered SPF on her and suited her up in her bathing suit and hit the kiddie pool. I set up the umbrella and put a few pitchers of warm water in the pool and it was good to go. Maisie was having such a great time splashing and enjoying the warm sunshine. I set a towel down, put some music on and sipped on ice cold water as Maisie splashed around. Austin came home about a half hour into the pool party and he snuck into the backyard and surprised Maisie. Then we all sat outside and talked until we decided to go to the park. Austin and I just got a bocce ball set, so any chance we have to go play, you better believe we're taking it. So we went to a local park and played a round of bocce ball while Maisie rolled around in the grass and soaked in a little more sun. Then we came home lit the BBQ threw a couple of hot dogs on and I made a summery spinach/orzo/feta salad. It was the perfect taste of what summer has in store. BBQs every night, fresh salads, iced tea, warm air, lots of sunshine and tons of pool/park time. Come on summer can't you just stay here?!

Here are a few pictures of our 76
degree day!

This is her cold face. If you notice the little hair she does have is being blown by the wind it was chilly for a second if you were all wet!


Park time!

Future Bocce ball champ.

Today was a great day and I have high hopes that tomorrow will be just as wonderful.
My phone says that tomorrow's high is 85! :)

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