Friday, June 10, 2011

Maisie & a few of her lovely friends

Ok, so the first 4 pictures are pretty old. I think they were taken March(ish) hence the moving boxes and our old apartment, but I am going through a lot of pictures that I have been meaning to post, but alas due to busy-mommy-forgetfulness (totally worse than pregnancy forgetfulness, and yes that's a real thing) they have been spaced.

Maisie & her boyfriend Keenan

I believe this is the baby equivalent of sharing a long spaghetti noodle.
Which always leads to...

a sweet little kiss.

Maisie acting oblivious to Keenan's attempts to woo her.
It's going to be so fun to see how these two interact with each other as they get older. I can see it now, Keenan trying to convince Maisie to eat a mud pie and then Maisie trying to persuade Keenan into playing dress up. How fun!

Maisie's best gal pals.
Ella on the Left, Livvie on the right, Maisie sandwiched in between.

Nice face Maisie.

I don't know what it is, but 2 things seem to happen when we get these girls together 1) it quickly turns into a diaper clad only event. 2) There is always lots and lots of dancing involved. It's almost sickening how cute all the sweet baby girl chub there is in one room. It should be illegal.


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