Sunday, June 5, 2011

walks & evening tunderstorms

Today Maisie and I decided to walk to Austin's work to greet him as he got off. Maisie woke up from her nap a little later than expected, but I wasn't about to wake her. I packed up the stroller with way too much stuff (that I didn't end up needing) but I was prepared for meltdowns, blow-outs, milk pleas and boredom. The walk was easier than expected ( about 5 1/2 miles) I know that sounds like cake, but I haven't been very diligent about my exercise as of late (but I still complain about not losing weight. I know, I know, I'm crazy) and I also don't have any appropriate exercise garb. I have an old pair of nikes somewhere, but who really knows where. So I was wearing jeans and TOMS. It was muggy out today, so that wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't raining and the sun was shining and that's a plus! I ended up getting way too much sun and Maisie, whom I tried to shield away ended up getting a little burn on her nose and a little bit on her forehead. I tried to lotion her up and keep her out of the sun as much as possible,but I was no match against the sun on her creamy skin. I would have put a hat on her, but there is no way on this green earth she would keep it on, tie and all. Tomorrow we have her 1 year appointment and I am praying that tomorrow her little burn will be gone (baby skin heals remarkably fast) that way people won't think I just keep my baby out in the sun without protection. Anyway, I will post about the appointment tomorrow.

Anyway, at about 7:30 pm Austin, Maisie and I decided to sit on the front porch to cool off. There was a storm brewing and the breezy air was cool and refreshing. As we sat there we were talking about how we wished Oregon had thunderstorms and no joke, 5 minutes later a huge flash and then rumbling thunder sounded 10 seconds after (yes we counted). Then random giant raindrops started to fall. It felt so good on our warm skin. Maisie was clad only in a diaper and I remember looking at Austin holding her while raindrops were hitting their skin and all of us were laughing in between the random bouts of lightening andthunder. It was such a sweet family moment. We were worryfree and enjoying everything in that moment.

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