Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This last weekend the McArdle's treated us to a trip to the Zoo. We decided to be brave and take the Max there. It was quite the adventure. This was my first "Max ride" and it's been quite some time that I have been on any form of public transportation. I have been on the Seattle monorail and the San Fransico Trolley, but again, that was years and years ago, plus I was childless (that always makes things much easier). Anyway, we saw a couple of the green line trains take off before our blue line one came. It seriously stopped for 20 seconds to unload and load passengers. That's when I got nervous. I was heavily armed with toys, food and a fussy baby. All I could imagine is that only some of us were going to make it in time. So already I was stressing out. Then ours came, I pulled it together and we were able to get Maisie, the stroller and diaper bag on, BUT there was no room to sit. I forgot to lock the stroller breaks and before I had a chance to even situate myself the doors were shutting and I had nothing to hold on to. Oh boy, the whole time I am quietly, but noticeably freaking out. I was worried I was going to get motion-sick, pass out, fall over, but I managed to survive, but not without embarrassing Austin. Well sorry I didn't live in Vienna for a year, mastering the art of public transportation. He is excited to take me there some day, but he wants me to promise him I won't embarrass him like I did on the Max here in Portland. At least I will be speaking English and maybe the surrounding Austrians won't notice my stress cries. I guess we will see how that goes.

Anyway, onto the zoo! As we walked in it started to drizzle (oh, Oregon you have been killing me these past 2 years, please remind me why I love you so). It wasn't so bad and it also wasn't too cold so that helped out a lot. Most of the animals weren't so keen on the rain, so that was kind of lame, but we were with good friends and that made it so much better. We took our time walking through all of the areas. Maisie was having a hard day due to teething, so she was pretty much a pill the whole time, but she did enjoy the giraffes a lot, but the animal she loved the most was a goat. Yes, just a normal goat, like one you find on a farm or the average petting zoo. She loved that goat and she even was able to pet him a couple times. She was cracking up the whole time. It sure was cute.

After the zoo we all headed back to our place where we had a nice BBQ and sat around talking way too late. We always enjoy our little get togethers with the McArdles. We always look forward to seeing them.

Here are some pictures of our fun little trip...

Keenan is there he's just passed out. Maisie needs to take some lessons from that little man. She never falls asleep in her stroller!

Maisie's little buddy.

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