Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miss Bates becomes Mrs. Poole

Last Friday we had the honor to attend a dear friend's special day as she married her soul mate. I have known Liz quite some time now, I still remember our days at summer church camp (Go Canyon View!) in elementary school and being classmates from middle school through high school.  Liz is one of those people that no matter the circumstance she can put a smile on your face. She is genuine, kind and beautiful inside and out. 

One of the reasons Austin and I have been so excited for this wedding because we knew it would be the perfect date night. Dressed up? check. Romantic atmosphere? check. Good food? check. Friends? check. Dancing? check. Doing these things while celebrating and supporting our beautiful friend? check!

We knew it was going to be a beautiful wedding and any one who thought otherwise or even had a doubt, obviously doesn't know the bride well enough. She by trade is an event coordinator (I.E wedding planner) it's her job to plan other peoples big day, so it was a BIG no brainer assuming this wedding would be gorgeous and it truly was. Another thing, Liz has great taste is fashion (and just about everything), she's very fashion forward and I wouldn't mind her being my personal stylist the least bit. She was a stunning bride. Absolutely stunning.

I don't have many pictures because my purse was placed in the car and the camera was located in said purse, but I have a few and I think I will steal a couple from people as they post them, but I thought I would put a couple of them on here.

stunning right?




for more pictures check out Molly Kidd's blog urban nester
I borrowed a couple photos from her blog already, but there are more beautiful pictures of the lovely couple and the amazing set up.

I will share as the professional photos from Erich McVey Photography as they surface.
Trust me they will be amazing.