Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Newport Bay Fireworks

After our hiking adventures we headed back to the hotel to rest up/change/shower/feed Maisie then it was off to Newport. We wanted to get there early so we could scope out a good spot to watch the firework show. We ate a delicious dinner at Mo's and then went to the first dock to sit and wait for a couple hours until it was dark enough for the show to start. I am glad we got there early because there were already people camped out on the benches and setting up chairs in the front. We put down some blankets and ate Marion berry cobbler while the sun started to fade. We even had free entertainment a fellow was catching crab off the dock and every 15 minutes or so he would pull up his basket and sure enough there would be some crab. He even was teaching us what to look for. Males, at least 5 inches from ridge to ridge or the size of a dollar bill. Anything smaller or female gets tossed back in. Maisie was being so good. She was a little hard to keep still, but besides the boredom (which I don't blame her, we were sitting for a couple hours) she was an angel. A cart came around with hot chocolate so we warmed our hands and bellies until the show started. I was manning the camera, because Austin was busy trying to get comfortable and keeping Maisie occupied, but man was I struggling. My pictures we blurry (its impossible to take a good pictures of fireworks without a tripod or at least a flat stable surface) so finally Austin decided to take over. He went to the very edge of the dock and placed the camera on the ledge and took amazing pictures. For fun I will post some of mine first and then his.

Here we go...






Definitely Austin. 
Look at this stunning picture! The perfect timing and the reflection off the bay. Beautiful.

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