Saturday, July 23, 2011

Toms update (sort of)

Ok. Before the word traitor is used I am going to clear the air...

I did not replace my toms with a new pair of toms as intended. Don't shoot!!

BUT I have not turned my back on my dear toms because I am for certain that more will be apart of my life (and Maisie's too). Please read my previous post "Hide your kids. Hide your toms." for the full story about their disappearance.

Here's the scoop... 
Austin, Nat and I went to Nordstrom to purchase supposed "replacement toms" I found a pair of "Nordstrom exclusives" that I really quite liked. I decided to browse a little bit and on the center table there was a large line of an array of different colored leather flats. These berry colored gems caught my eye. So as I pick them up I noticed the Frye signature stamp on right side of the heel. "Oh. My. Gosh". I exclaimed as I perked up onto my tippy toes in search of Austin. Austin was near by and heard me say "They're Fryes!!!"

I better do some explaining here. Last February when we got our tax return back I found a pair of Frye boots that I was almost (or totally) obsessed with, but they had a hefty price point. Austin said I could buy them because we agreed that we could each buy something fun with some of our tax return money, but I never brought myself to hand over the 300 dollars. I still regret it. I mean, I had permission and I didn't take it! What in the world is wrong with me!?

Anyway, back to the story. I was expecting an eye roll from Austin, but instead he said "I like those, try them on." I thought he was joking. I even said that if that there were no chance of me being able to buy them that I don't want to torture myself by trying them on. Austin said it again "just try them on Sammie" AHH! I did and it was good. I think I had 2 things going for me. I was the sad wife whose shoes were stolen/thrown away and I missed out of my first chance at owning a fine Frye product (Austin knew I regretted not getting those bad boys). 

So now I am the proud owner of these babes

frye 2


frye boot
These are the boots. That I WILL someday own.

frye sandal
These might have to be purchased as well... hah