Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ginger Snaps

I forgot to mention in my last post that among Maisie's current favorite foods is Trader Joe's triple ginger snaps. We just call them "cookies". Maisie will point at the container nod her head and sign please. 

oh ginger goodness.

Anyway, today she showed us she knows that shaking her head back and forth means no. She even was telling a little lie. 
Here's the scoop:

I brought the ginger snap container into the living room and Maisie managed to get the container off of the end table and brought them to the floor. I opened the container and handed her a cookie (after she said please, of course). I made sure the lid was on tight and continued to let her play with it. Austin was sitting on the other couch and Maisie brought the container to him and would point, nod and say please. So Austin snatched up the container and went to give her another, but he noticed she still had one in her mouth. Austin then asked Maisie "would you like a cookie Maisie?" she nods. "Ok, but you have to finish the one you are still eating." Maisie keeps pointing, nodding and saying please. Austin then asks "Maisie do you still have one in your mouth?" and to our amazement she shakes her head back and forth. Ok, it must be a fluke. She has never shook her head. "Maisie do you still have a cookie in your mouth?" (which it was obvious that she did) she shakes her head again. I then jumped in and asked if she wanted another cookie which she adamantly nodded.  Ok so she just wasn't shaking her head for the fun of it, she was truly answering him, even though it was a lie, it was amazing that she understood EVERYTHING we were saying. Austin then asked one more time and she shook her head, opened her mouth and asked for another cookie.

It was amazing, but a little scary.
When do children start to lying intentionally?


  1. West started doing the same thing around her age and we would explain to him why it wasn't true. I don't think they really "get" that it's lying, but little ones master manipulation pretty early and do what they can to get what they want. We have only recently started punishing Westly for lying (at 3), though. It was important to us that he totally understand that it was wrong, and had a basic grasp of why before we gave him more than a slight scolding. I understand the little scary tho! Just knowing Westly could lie to me about something important someday makes me want to cry!

  2. Too cute! Don't worry about the lying, all children do at that age, and they don't even realize that it's wrong yet. It's a natural part of thought development. :)