Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Weekend

 was one of the best weekends of this summer. Our weekend was filled with all of the lovely things summer has to offer.

friends. food. BBQ. ice cream. sunny days. warm nights. portland. bon fires. s'mores. ice cold izzes and root beer.

We had our first married couple sleep over. We finally got use of our lonely third bedroom!

Our dear friends Cameron (we went to kindergarten together) and his wonderful wife, Kristen came to stay with us just because. They are currently living in Corvallis going to OSU. They got here around 7:30 Friday evening, Nat and Meaghan came over and we headed to Portland for some fantastic food. We adventured to Mississippi Avenue where we ate incredibly delicious pizza courtesy of Mississippi Pizza Co and then topped our bellies off with the BEST homemade ice cream ever from Lovely fifty fifty's. They have the best combos of ice cream I have ever had (and I am an ice cream aficionado) salted caramel, mint (with fresh mint leaves) stracciatella, roasted fig and golden honey, brown sugar buttermilk and of course the creamiest chocolate ever. My personal fav is the salted caramel. It is seriously so good I could eat it all day long. The mint (Austin's favorite) is uber refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.

Here we are after getting our yummy ice cream.

We then headed back to our place where the fellas started a fire (Austin and I built a fire pit more on that later) and the ladies caught up with lots of girl talk. After the boys fire burnt out they headed inside where we all laughed and talked until we needed to go to bed.

The next day we made shish kabobs and BBQ'd. Meag and I (mainly Meag, I was busy with dishes and finding all the ingredients) made cookies and then we sat around the fire just enjoying each others company.

The next day on our way to Salem (to house/cat sit) we met up with Tess, Sean and little Keenan for lunch in Bridgeport and then later met up at their place where the kiddos paled around. Hopefully some of his walking will quickly rub off on Maisie, she needs some motivation. She is SO close!

I am so happy we have such good friends. Austin and I always joke that when it comes to friends we "mate for life" we don't have many, but the ones we do have will be our friends forever. Some of our closest friends are ones we met in High school and others through similar lifestyles (IE married and babies) and views on life. What we lack in quantity we fully make up in quality. They are the best friends any one could ask for. So friends of the Lee family- we love you. Thanks for being so wonderful.


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