Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oregon State Fair

Last Monday (the 29th) we went to the State Fair with Austin's family. We got there the hour it opened and stayed until closing. Maisie went all day with only a little 40 minute nap in the stroller (it's a miracle she even fell asleep, she NEVER falls asleep in the stroller). She actually did great. She would get a little antsy, but as long as we found a little area in the grass to play in she was fine. We also purchased a bubble gun and that was hands down the smartest purchase EVER. Every time Maisie would get a little cranky we would bust the bubble gun out and she would be all smiles again. I mean, who can be cranky when bubbles are involved, right?

I love the fair.
The rides, roasted corn, Casey's Hot dogs, elephant ears, scones, ice cream and lemonade.
Most of all I love the animals. I could spend hours talking and petting all the sheep, goats, horses, rabbits. Oh man. I get so excited. We even watched a couple horse shows including a beautiful Clydesdale show. I want to own a horse so badly (not now obviously but one day), but I am still working on Austin about that little request.

Maisie's new friend






yo gabba gabba!

roasted corn & sunburns



Frolicking in Bush Park

On our way home from the Coast we decided to make a stop in Salem to have lunch with Austin's parents. We finished up lunch early and since they didn't have to be back to the office for another 40 minutes, we all decided to head to the park to run around for a little bit post meal. Maisie enjoyed stretching her legs in the grass and being chased around. She loves being outside that little Maisie, she is happiest in the sunshine, enjoying the fresh air. California will suit her well.






A Night at Otter Crest

A couple weekends ago Austin and I decided to have an impromptu night at the Coast. Since Maisie's birth we haven't had a night away with just the three of us. So very last minute we decided to stay a night at Otter Crest. Austin and I both remember going there as kids and with our then impending offer about the California opportunity, we thought we might not be here too much longer, so why not?

It was so nice. Maisie loved scoping out the hotel room. We cranked up the heater and slept with the sliding glass door open and listened to the waves crash on the shore. We spent hours in the heated pool where Maisie preferred the warmer in between pool (she's like me when it comes to water, the hotter the better). The regular pool was like warm bath water, there was a smaller warmer tub (it used to be the original hot tub, but they made a newer one), and then the new real hot tub. Maisie was not happy when we took her out. She had so much fun making new friends with all the other kids and splashing around on her little ledge. The weather was a bit on the foggy side, but with how hot it was back at home we were happy with the cool crisp air.

We didn't get any pictures of our pool adventures, but here are a couple of our little get away.

climbing a tree.

look at those curls!

When Maisie sees a flower she points and sniffs really loud. It's so cute.

Mo's at night



Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am going to break the silence to say that it's official.

(more specifically, to the South Bay area)



We have been aware of this possibility for many months now, but after much prayer, research and debating we have decided to go for it.  Austin's job is starting a global center and they are taking a handful of their best employees to pioneer the new center in sunny California. Austin went through all the hoops and was formally offered a position down there. We signed all the necessary paperwork last Wednesday. 

To say I am nervous and stressed out is an understatement. This was a huge decision, but we both feel that this is a great opportunity for our little family and after months of frequent prayer we feel we are doing the right thing by going down there. 

The move will be taking place late October (around the 25th) so we are starting to figure out exactly where we will be living, what we are taking, what we need to purchase before we go and what we are selling/good willing. So we might be hosting a huge garage sale here pretty soon...

I can't believe this is happening! I am so excited, but am dreading leaving Austin's family. We are all very close and it breaks my heart thinking about how hard it's going to be to take Maisie away, but we will cross that bridge when it comes.