Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Night at Otter Crest

A couple weekends ago Austin and I decided to have an impromptu night at the Coast. Since Maisie's birth we haven't had a night away with just the three of us. So very last minute we decided to stay a night at Otter Crest. Austin and I both remember going there as kids and with our then impending offer about the California opportunity, we thought we might not be here too much longer, so why not?

It was so nice. Maisie loved scoping out the hotel room. We cranked up the heater and slept with the sliding glass door open and listened to the waves crash on the shore. We spent hours in the heated pool where Maisie preferred the warmer in between pool (she's like me when it comes to water, the hotter the better). The regular pool was like warm bath water, there was a smaller warmer tub (it used to be the original hot tub, but they made a newer one), and then the new real hot tub. Maisie was not happy when we took her out. She had so much fun making new friends with all the other kids and splashing around on her little ledge. The weather was a bit on the foggy side, but with how hot it was back at home we were happy with the cool crisp air.

We didn't get any pictures of our pool adventures, but here are a couple of our little get away.

climbing a tree.

look at those curls!

When Maisie sees a flower she points and sniffs really loud. It's so cute.

Mo's at night



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