Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oregon State Fair

Last Monday (the 29th) we went to the State Fair with Austin's family. We got there the hour it opened and stayed until closing. Maisie went all day with only a little 40 minute nap in the stroller (it's a miracle she even fell asleep, she NEVER falls asleep in the stroller). She actually did great. She would get a little antsy, but as long as we found a little area in the grass to play in she was fine. We also purchased a bubble gun and that was hands down the smartest purchase EVER. Every time Maisie would get a little cranky we would bust the bubble gun out and she would be all smiles again. I mean, who can be cranky when bubbles are involved, right?

I love the fair.
The rides, roasted corn, Casey's Hot dogs, elephant ears, scones, ice cream and lemonade.
Most of all I love the animals. I could spend hours talking and petting all the sheep, goats, horses, rabbits. Oh man. I get so excited. We even watched a couple horse shows including a beautiful Clydesdale show. I want to own a horse so badly (not now obviously but one day), but I am still working on Austin about that little request.

Maisie's new friend






yo gabba gabba!

roasted corn & sunburns




  1. Looks like a ton of fun and how adorable is she in that sun hat?!

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