Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Photos

Yes. I am breaking the dry spell, but I am still so SO busy (moving this week, AH!), so this will be short and sweet.

We got our family photos back today and they turned out awesome! Erich McVey is a photography genius and we are very honored that he took our photos. It was a joy shooting with him and I can't express my gratitude enough, he was so patient with Maisie (she has a pretty short attention span some times) and he captured our little family perfectly.

As of right now I only have 10 of the 60-something photos (which all turned out great) here are the ones that were posted on Erich's Facebook . More will posted after we get settled in California!

linking up with the paper mama for a family portrait challenge!

group 1

maisie grass


aust & i

daddy & maisie

maisie & me

maisie & pinecone


maisie garden

shoe shot