Wednesday, December 7, 2011

18 month check up

Yesterday morning Maisie had her 18 {almost 19} month check up. We wanted to go to her pediatrician in Oregon for one last check up, but we were much busier than expected. So, we pushed it off until our insurance switched over here in California. We really like her new pediatrician, so that's a relief.

Austin and I were a little anxious about Maisie's language progression, because she is fluent in some language that Austin nor I know. She blabs all day long but only says about 10-20 {English} words consistently. Then occasionally out of the blue she will say a new word, but then won't say it again. The Doctor told us she is progressing just fine and in the realm of normal. Austin and I were both very relieved.  

yes, no, please, up, car, tree, dog, wow, oh, woah, look, eye, milk, Pooh, hi, clock, ball, book, bath.

Animal sounds:
cow, dog, cat, goat, sheep, duck, bird, crow, horse, elephant, snake, tiger, bear, lion, monkey.

In the courtyard outside the Drs. office.

                                                  Let's get to the stats:
 birth: weight- 7 pounds even
    height- 19.5 inches
1 week: 7 pounds 3 oz (gained back the 4% body weight + 3 oz)
      2 weeks: weight- 7 pounds 15 oz
                 height- 21.25 inches
2 months: weight- pounds 1 oz
            height- 23 inches
     5 month: weight 15 pounds 5 oz
           height- 26 inches
        7 month: weight- 16 pounds 14 oz
           height- 27 inches
       9 month: weight- 17 pounds 15 oz
          height- 28 inches
    12 month: weight- 18 pounds 14 oz
          height- 30 inches
     18 month: weight- 20 pounds 12 oz
                 height- 31 1/2 inches

We have known Maisie has been little for a while now. Every time she is playing with other kids that are her same age or even younger than her they tower over her. No joke, people still ask me when she will be turning 1 years old, but after this appointment I am a little shocked with how small she is.

For weight she is in the 4th percentile! That means 96% of kids her age weigh more than her. 96%!!!
She is in the 37th percentile for height. 63% of kids her age are taller than her.
and finally, she's in the 42nd percentile for head circumference. 58% have a bigger head than her.

The doctor reassured us that Maisie is just petite and all her features are also very small {she still is wearing size 3 shoes which is for 6-12 month olds}. She is very healthy just little. She said we could try to see if she is interested in cows milk (Maisie for some reason HATED cows milk. She would gag every time we tried to give it her). So on our way home we picked up some whole milk and tried again and this time she liked it. She actually asked for more! I think I will still give her almond milk as well, but for the majority Maisie will be sticking to the Moo juice (that's what my grandpa would call it).

She also had her first blood draw other than her newborn heel pricks. She did so well. I kept her distracted and Austin held her tight and she didn't even complain once. The lab techs were a quick draw and we were out before no time. 

Maisie showing off her bandage.

I will post again with what Maisie has been up to lately, probably in the next few days.