Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cookies

The first time Austin and I ever made Christmas cookies together was in our Senior year of High school. Austin and I baked and frosted 3 or 4 batches to ding dong ditch all of our friends with. Each friend received 4 of my Grandma's famous cookies. It was hard to get away in the Falcon because it was so loud. Everyone knew it was us, but that's ok. Yes, Austin and I were that "old" couple making our friends cookies for Christmas. We were cool, we know.

Fast forward 3 years...

I wasn't up for the task when I was pregnant with Maisie because I was still having bouts of morning sickness and as amazing as these smell while they are baking, I just couldn't take it when I was prego. So we skipped our first married Christmas, sad.

Last year I made a batch and we carried them down a flight of stairs where we decorated them with our darling friends who conveniently were our downstairs neighbors. We sat in front of a crackling fire and licked our fingers as we had a secret competition on who made the best looking cookie. It's so weird to think that was a year ago. In some aspects it seems like it was just last month, but then again it seems like forever ago. Have you ever had that feeling? It's strange.

Then there is this year. I wasn't feeling too great on Sunday because of a sinus infection, but we decided to make cookies any way. It's nice to have them the week leading up to Christmas don't you think? They turned out great and Maisie had so much fun smearing the frosting all over her high chair, body and face. She even ate her first little Christmas cookie and trust me there were a lot of excited noises coming out of our child. Lots of wows, oohs and num nums. Oh and yes a yummy food dance.

Here are some pictures of this years Christmas cookie extravaganza: