Wednesday, December 7, 2011

free crappy portrait

Last night I was checking my email out of boredom when I saw that a real treat was waiting in my inbox. 

The sender? Only from the coolest and funniest free service ever...! Excited was an understatement. It was an early Christmas gift in my eyes. 4 weeks ago,  {yes that's a long time, but trust me it's well worth the wait!} I wrote an email with fun and interesting facts about our little family, attached a photo and pressed send where it would fall into some random artists hands and from there, the sky is the limit. 

This was my email:

[Hi we are the Lee family.

Things about us:

We are a family who adores salt. Instead of the Morton girl holding her Umbrella, it should be us. We have a pretty serious salt addiction. 

My husband speaks German and I don't, so for fun he will quote famous movie lines in German and I have to figure them out in English. It's pretty amusing and I have been getting pretty good at it.

Since getting married and having a baby, Shark week has become one of  the highlights of our summers.

We love cheese, movies, books, bubble baths, State fairs, bocce ball and drinking boring beverages out of fancy glasses. Milk in a wine glasses? You bet. Orange juice in a Whiskey tumbler? Yep.

We love the show madmen. We would kill to dress like that now a days.

Our baby loves flowers, dancing and wearing hats. She also has perfect pitch. Not bad for an 18 month old. 

I adore red lipstick. My husband refuses to drink anything that doesn't have an ample amount of ice. 

We love animals. All animals... a few of our favorites: sheep, ducks, flamingos, whales and wiener dogs.]

Ok, so now for the portrait. Get ready because it is awesome...


Our movie-quotes-in-German-game totally paid off because I instantly knew what movie this was from, which makes it even more perfect because Lord of the Rings is one of our all time favorite movies. I was crying from laughing so hard at how perfect this free crappy (more like awesome) portrait was. If you guys are still having a hard time figuring out what the German says , it's towards the end of "The Fellowship of the Ring" when Gandalf yells "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!!!!!" in the mountain.

I was so excited about this that I called my sister at almost 1 in the morning to tell her. Don't worry she never sleeps, and that's what sisters are for right?

So, everyone go get your free crappy portrait and make sure you show me ASAP!

Even if you don't want one done, go to the website and look at the hundreds on the archive it is so funny!


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