Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas morning

This was our first Christmas where it was just the three of us. The past couple years we celebrated with Austin's family in Salem. We were both a little sad to be flying solo this year, but it was also fun to start our own traditions. 

Christmas eve I made a Thanksgiving-esque dinner with roasted turkey and all the sides. Maisie loved the creamy candied yam casserole, turkey and of course mashed potatoes and gravy {what kid doesn't love mashed potatoes?}. We washed our dinner down with a bottle of Matinelli's and spent the rest of the night cuddling to Christmas music and getting the house ready for the morning event.

Maisie woke up at 7:45 and that was my cue to pre-heat the oven for some orange rolls. We congregated to the tree where all the goodies awaited. Maisie was loving all the new toys, but she was not liking the fact that she had to stop playing with one in order to open another. I think next year we need to number the presents I.E the super exciting ones {that make noise or move} need to be opened last because opening a book set after a rolling and laughing cow or a singing and dancing hippopotamus is just a tough act to follow, especially if you are a book {poor little book}.

Our first Christmas without a fireplace, so we made do with a fake one.



The classics. 

The rest of the day was super low-key. We ate left overs and I made the most delicious batch of homemade hot chocolate ever {It's a crock pot recipe and it is to die for. Recipe coming soon}. We watched Maisie's new Whinny the Pooh movie, played with tons of new toys and vegged out.

 It was a good day.

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