Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dream Bikes

Riding bikes has always been a big deal in my family.
Since me and my sister have been old enough to actually support the weight of a helmet {and back in the late 80's those suckers were heavy} we have been on the back of our parent's bikes.

When in Huntington Beach my Grandpa Lloyd had an array of vintage beach cruisers for the picking. We all had our favorites and every summer we rode those babies to the beach and back all day long. I remember being so proud when my legs were finally long enough so I could ride the "cool bikes" and believe me they were indeed cool. I would love to have one of those today.

Austin on the other hand is not one for bikes. He doesn't hate them, but he doesn't associate it with family activities like I do. He recently dwells on the fact that he had to ride them in Austria, in the snow, in a suit, peddling uphill his darn hardest to make it to a meeting on time. I personally think that would have been awesome. Ok, maybe not the suit part and definitely not the being late part {nothing makes me more crabby than being late} but what a great way to see a city. He lived in Innsbruck, Austria for a little bit and his only form of transportation was a bike and that city is breathtakingly beautiful. Google it right now, I dare you. All I'm saying is I wouldn't have cared one bit in that city. Austin said the hills were a killer, but what are calf muscles for anyway?

With much persuasion on my part I have convinced Austin to buy us some bikes {in the near future, hopefully in spring}. I have creativly painted the ideal family of three bike ride. You know, a well loved quilt, picnic basket and giggling toddler clad in a ridiculous sized helmet in tow cruising the boardwalks, beaches and parks in sunny California. If that didn't have him sold then it was definitely this...

Republicbike is a company that lets you design your dream bike. They have tons of different model types, but our personal favorite is the Plato Dutch step-through bike model {click the link to design your own!}. They are amazing, incredible, pretty, fun, different and expensive. Just because I have convinced Austin to buy us bikes, doesn't mean they are these bikes. Sad right?

A couple of my favorites...
I call this "the flamingo"

bulit by us & you

"the grandma" acutal name

And for Austin...
"the grandpa" actual name


Can't forget about Maisie

iBert safe-T seat

Hopefully in no time at all we will be cruising along in our new bikes.
I sure hope it's these fun ones from republicbike, but I will be happy with any bike that will provide a new form of outdoor adventure to the Lee family.