Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Great Debate

Austin and I need your help...

This morning the three of us were cuddled in bed reading "Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?" When Maisie started naming the body parts on the teacher. Eyes, nose, hair and so on, when she pointed to the teacher's glasses.

That's when one of us {Austin or myself} asked "Is he wearing glasses Maisie?"

The other quickly replied "That's not a man! That is definitely a woman!"

So began the war. We civilly tried to debate and convince each other to one's side, but we are still pained with discrepancy. The bottom line is plain and simple...
Who is right.

I searched the Internet, but it looks like it is either blatantly obvious to the mass population or every one is just busy actually having a life. I am leaning to the latter.

So, great people who read this blog... is this teacher male or female?


  1. I'm seeing delicate bone structure, big hair, full lips, and long eyelashes. And some awfully masculine eyebrows. You know, I think the real bottom line is anyway you slice it that is an unattractive human being.

  2. Buttons are on the left side of the shirt - it's a woman. Final answer.