Saturday, January 7, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane {with a toddler}

Maisie and I are packing our bags and heading to Arizona next week to see my family. I am so excited for a little mini-vacation, but I am sad to be leaving Austin behind {he's really bummed too} but that's the way it goes sometimes. Plus, Austin is going to be a complete workaholic next week because of Netflix's launch in the UK, so I think he will appreciate the quiet time at home {and a chance to play video games, poor guy doesn't get to do that nearly as much as he'd like to.} 

My dad hasn't seen Maisie since she was 4 months old, so that will be exciting to get them together because boy, has she changed. Other things I am looking forward to:

Having extra help throughout the day. My mom and sister are very much looking forward to gobbling Maisie up and that means I can take a much needed mommy break.

Of course, seeing the family. With home cooked meals not made by me.

Sister time- working out, hot yoga and possibly a pedicure? Katie and I both {mainly myself} need a huge jump start on getting into shape and we both get motivated when we are around each other, so we are taking advantage of that this week. I mean, who doesn't like a work out buddy? Especially if it's your sister.

Babo's. Laying out by the pool. Friends. Jason's deli. Phoenix Zoo. Sweet tea. Wildflower bakery.

I am excited and ready for it to be Tuesday. Not looking forward to traveling solo with Maisie. Plus, I hate airports {and flying for that matter} last time I flew down to Arizona alone with Maisie I almost had a panic attack at the security point here's that horror story:

 "Mam, you're going to need to take out the car seat, fold up that stroller, take off your shoes, hold your baby and walk through the metal detector." Maisie was 4 months old and not sitting up yet and they {the security people} wanted me to put her on the ground {a 4 month old on THE GROUND where every one walks barefoot after taking off their nasty shoes {I hate feet}. Let alone that I feel weird just walking on that disgusting floor, so putting my tiny baby on that ground was not an option. Heck to the no.} to take apart the stroller {which was a travel system} so I had to take out the car seat send that through and then fold up the stroller. Which happened to decide that it didn't want to fold up, of course. The line behind me was getting longer and longer and I could feel every one staring. I was so close to a full blown panic attack. Anyway, Maisie was jello in my arms and so I am holding her in the crook of my arm and trying my best not to break down into tears to take everything apart without giving Maisie shaken baby, or worse dropping her. Here's the kicker... not one person offers to help. The security people just watch me like a hawk and I wanted to say to them EVEN IF THERE WAS A BOMB SOMEWHERE IN THIS MESS, I WOULDN'T HAVE THE HANDS TO SET IT OFF!! But then I thought of this part in Meet the Parents and decided against it. Moral of the story is; if I already had anxiety in an airport before, it has now become much, much worse. I am determined to go to any lengths to make it much easier this time around.

I am not bringing a car seat with me because my brother and sister in law have two sons and they recently upgraded my nephews car seats and so they will have an extra one at Maisie's disposal. Hallelujah!! Also I don't need to worry about pumping milk this time around, or worrying about a stroller because I am bringing a tiny umbrella stroller instead. My carry on will only consist of small toddler boredom busters and light snacks. I think I will be able to manage with out too much stress this time.

Maisie almost 16 months ago on her first plane ride.
AH look at that chub!! :)

While I was looking for travel tips with a toddler I came across this. The GO-GO Babyz GO-GO Kidz Travelmate. Um, how genius is this? I will be for sure getting this for any future traveling. Knocks out having a stroller while at the airport, plus a car seat on the plane and when you land. Amazing.

What about you? Do you have any travel secrets that I could benefit from? Shower me with suggestions! I am all ears!

Look out desert, here we come!

p.s Sorry for the rant. I could feel all the anxiety starting to surface and I had to just get it all out. Mamas- I hope this doesn't deter you from traveling with your little one, just a heads up it will definitely most likely be stressful, but one way or another you will get to your destination- panic attacks, melt downs, tears and all. 

Bon voyage!


  1. Sister time, baby time! I'm so excited and yes hot yoga is a must! we need to sweat out all them holiday cookies :/