Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve in San Fransisco

The last adventure of 2011 was a fun one. 

Austin's parents, sister and uncle came down to California for a wedding in Sacramento on Friday. So since they were only a couple hours away, they drove down to Santa Clara early Saturday morning (New Years Eve) so we could catch the train right by our house and head to San Fransisco {which is only 40-something miles away from our house}.

We boarded the train and passed the hour and a half with intense movie trivia {note to self- purchase "pass the popcorn"}. Maisie had so much fun looking out the window, watching the buildings zip past and cupping her ear every time the train would whistle.

 We got to San Fransisco around 11:30am and bought all day public transportation passes for the buses, cable cars, trams and trolleys. I have never been on so many different forms of transportation in one day in my whole life. And once again I embarrassed Austin with my lack of balance on a tram and he forced me sit down. How in the world do people stand on those without falling or bumping into people?! I mean there are people with 6 bags of groceries and holding a child standing there with no problem and then there's me... not even holding a purse and I am bumping into every one in a five foot radius and making a scene. I need to work on that, a New years resolution maybe? Hah.

 It was sunny and warm until the sun started to set and then it got pretty chilly, but we all had so much fun (re)discovering the town together. I had been there a couple times before, but not since I was young, so it was nice to come back with a different perspective. Maisie went all day without a nap, but did great. No melt downs, blow outs or complaints. I couldn't have dreamed for her to behave as well as she did (yay). Maisie ended up passing out in Grandma's lap on the train ride home a quater to midnight and as soon as we got to our stop, we ran back to our place to watch the Ball drop in the NYE celebration in New York (Come on, it's tradition folks).

We took tons of pictures so I will let them recap the rest of the day. 





wiener mobile!!





"I'm Forrest. Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump."
Complete with sneakers, suitcase and box of chocolates.

view from our table at Bubba Gump.


Oh yummy goodness.

Goodnight 2011...

AND Hello 2012!

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