Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My birthday is just around the corner and for an early birthday gift I bought myself my very own URL {website}. It may seem like a lame birthday gift to myself, seeing how I do need a new pair of Toms, but I am happy with my gift. I have been wanting to drop the blogspot {and at times blogger all together} but I have established too much history to leave now and re-doing every post would be ridiculous. So I decided to treat myself to a new URL that will follow me where ever I choose to blog. 

My old URL: 
will now relocate you to my new URL which is:

 I am sad to be dropping the "my little Maisie" title because she was the one who inspired my blogging adventures in the first place, but I wanted to transition to a name where my entire little family {including future children. I am NOT pregnant by the way} are included. Seeing how all the posts are told from my perspective, it's about me too {hence the "me" in Me & Mine} but who am I kidding Maisie is the star here. 

It may take a few days for the site to completely transition, so we can still enjoy the my little Maisie URL for a little while longer. Hooray!