Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oregon Visit

 I just finished a gigantic post recapping me and Maisie's trip to Oregon, but when I went to publish it, Blogger decided it didn't want to publish or even save the dang post so now it's gone forever. Since I am already so behind on posting and too irritated to do it all over again, I think I will do the shortened condensed version.

Austin was going on a week long business trip to Michigan and instead of being cooped up by our lonesome here in California my in- laws flew me and Maisie out to Portland for a little visit.

Even more condensed:
worst flight ever. newbie pilot who I was convinced was going to kill us all. Fuddruckers. 8 hour fast and furious stomach flu {Maisie first then me 12 hours later}. recoup. lots of Jeopardy. knitting. play dates with Keenan. Miranda gets the flu. shopping. La Has. Love Love. Nat & Meg. Taphouse. Tess. Mockingjay. Kelsey. toms fiasco. wonderful night flight home with only 19 people on the plane {it was so nice}. Maisie giggling while running into her Dada's arms. live pianist playing Phantom of the Opera on the piano in the San Jose Airport.

I didn't take many photos using my camera {fail} but I did take tons with my phone, but I will save those for the next post.




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