Monday, March 26, 2012

Vacation part I: Newport & Huntington Beach

Two Fridays ago we left on our very first road trip to southern California. I was so excited to show Austin and Maisie where a big part of my childhood in Huntington Beach took place. The street where I learned to ride a bike, the beach that holds so many memories and the food that despite my best efforts to mimic, fall short.

We were packed up and on the road by 10 am we listened to the new Gotye CD and discovered that "Somebody that I used to know" is Maisie's all time favorite song ever. She would become very upset and ask for more when there were still two notes left of the song and no joke we listened to that song over and over for 3 hours straight. Maisie started to sing along with the words "somebody" emphasis on the EE and "know" which she thinks is "no" but her almost terrible two year old mind would think that right? I love that she has good taste in music though. If it were some kid song I am pretty sure I would have pulled a Van Gogh. 

Other of her favorite songs other than Gotye
Florence and the Machine's "Dog days are over"
Pinback's "Good to sea"
Foster the People's "Pumped up kicks"
Freelance Whales' "Hannah"

Side note: Maisie thinks the first little part of "Somebody that I used to know" sounds like little stars. She makes the twinkle-twinkle sign every time. Genius? Yes, I think so. Imagination at it's finest.

We were making great time and still didn't need a refill of gas 5 hours in (that would has been impossible in our van). Our trusty new (to us) Volkswagen climbed up the Grapevine no problem. It was about 3 o'clock when we made our way through the pass and as soon as we laid our eyes on LA, traffic started. We were so close (about an hour away from our destination) but we sat in LA traffic for 3 hours before we were actually driving the speed limit again and we were still 30 miles away.

We finally got to our hotel in Newport (I would have loved to stay in Huntington, but it was much more expensive and we found a really good deal for a resort in Newport and it was only 10 miles down PCH to Huntington's Main street, so it wasn't far at all) unpacked the car, used the restroom, changed Maisie's diaper and then we were off to dinner. We made our way to Main street and finally decided on BJ's because who doesn't love a salad and deep dish pizza? We finished up dinner and then we walked around the street shops and up and down the pier. It was so nice to be there with my little family.

Pictures from the first night of our vacation:


I call him "Wolfie"



In the words of my little Maisie- "BLUE!! GREEN!! BLUE!! GREEEEN!!"


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