Monday, April 2, 2012

Vacation part IV: HB

We woke up Monday morning, packed our bags, loaded up the car and took a short drive down PCH to make our final stop before heading home. A very special place that is very dear to the Lloyd family.

Shortly into dating I introduced Austin to our version of nachos called "strips". Austin was in love (with the strips, not me... yet) and it wasn't long before we were making them once a week after school. It became our special meal. Easy, fun and delicious (but not healthy). It was also a newlywed staple meal when we were beyond poor on our 2 1/2 month long honeymoon in Utah. We dreamed of the day where we could visit Huntington Beach and I could take him where strips were originated.

And then after almost 7 years of dating it happened. We were at the birth place of our favorite mid-day and midnight snack- Zack's. It has been 5 years since I had them so I was excited, but I was way more excited to have Austin experience the awesomeness that is Zack's strips.

It felt like we bumped off one of our bucket list items off that day. We finally did it after 7 years of talking, wishing and dreaming about it. I told Austin with my first bite still in my mouth that this is what my childhood tastes like. Complete with sun kissed shoulders, sand between my toes and surf blown hair. All I was missing was the smell of sunscreen and the occasional sea gull trying to mooch some of the goodness from us.

As we were eating our lunch we spotted the rental bikes and with the attitude of "we are here now and who knows when we will be back and that an hour ride around the beach would be a perfect way to stretch our legs before the long car ride home" we last minute rented the family cruiser . We sat Maisie in the kid basket and we peddled around the beach. Laughing with bouts of Austin and I blaming each other of who wasn't peddling hard enough (it was him by the way).

After our bike ride we headed back to our car and made our way back home. I was sad to leave, but we will be making our way back there some time soon.




strips and an order of chili cheese fries. (Austin couldn't resist)






Maisie would keep herself entertained in the car by putting her stuffed animals on her head.
This is her new Snoopy mentioned in the previous post.





We are sad that our vacation is over, but it only motivates us to plan another.