Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 year check up

Maisie had her 2 year check up last Thursday and everything went pretty well. Since her last appointment (at 18 months) she started to drink organic whole milk and to our surprise actually became quite the addict. She was going through a gallon every 4 or 5 days! Which was good to get her back on the growth charts, but the doctor now wants us to take it down to 3 or 4 cups a day of dairy maximum to decrease the risk of iron deficiency. She is pretty demanding when it comes to her milk, cheese and yogurt so it's been a little struggle to keep to the allotted amount, but it's a work in progress.

During the appointment Maisie became really uneasy the minute the nurse who administers the vaccinations walked in. She saw what was laid out on the tray and instantly knew that what was coming, was not at all fun. She tensed up, held her breath and once the shot poked her thigh she kicked her leg with all her might and wailed out a gut wrenching scream. It was heart breaking.  She continued to cry and in her own way cursed out the nurse. In between the crying, sniffling and heavy breathing Maisie looked the nurse in the eyes and said "poke poke hurt!" with tons of Maisie gibberish in between, but it wasn't hard to tell that she was not happy with the shots. She then dismissed the now verbally abused nurse with the most pathetic bye bye" you have ever heard. Shots are tough stuff, but she won't need another until she's three and then she's home free to kindergarten. yay!

 The Maisie girl is healthy and happy. Growing like a weed and learning new things everyday. 

birth: weight- 7 pounds even
    height- 19.5 inches
1 week: 7 pounds 3 oz (gained back the 4% body weight + 3 oz)
      2 weeks: weight- 7 pounds 15 oz
                 height- 21.25 inches
2 months: weight- pounds 1 oz
            height- 23 inches
     5 month: weight 15 pounds 5 oz
           height- 26 inches
        7 month: weight- 16 pounds 14 oz
           height- 27 inches
       9 month: weight- 17 pounds 15 oz
          height- 28 inches
    12 month: weight- 18 pounds 14 oz
          height- 30 inches
     18 month: weight- 20 pounds 12 oz
                 height- 31 1/2 inches
 2 year: weight 25 pounds (with clothes on)
       height- 34 inches or 2' 10"          

top left: Exploring the pediatric garden after her appointment
top right: Dinner at sweet tomatoes after the ordeal of course there was frozen yogurt involved (with rainbow sprinkles of course).
bottom left: on "Sally's love bug" ride at Great America the next day.
bottom right: running errands with mama & dada after Great America.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

choo choo

Yesterday Maisie made up a song about a choo choo train all while dancing in her birthday wagon.
These little songs have become the norm in the Lee household as of lately. Maisie moo is quite the talented songwriter/singer/dancer wouldn't you say?

Excuse the wagon, backpack, vacuum and general mess in our entry way. We have a two year old you know...

Saturday, May 19, 2012


On Maisie's actual birthday we met a handful of our friends and their kids in the park for a pizza party, complete with root beer floats and homemade cupcakes (and homemade whipped vanilla buttercream frosting). Everything turned out wonderfully. The food was good and it was awesome letting the kids go crazy while the adults ate and conversed.

Within 5 minutes of getting to the park, Maisie found the first patch of dirt and got her birthday dress beyond filthy. At first I was a little bummed because I didn't even get one picture of her before hand, but she was having so much fun and it is HER birthday right? Plus, I was too busy to stop to take pictures, so it didn't matter anyway. Now that I think about it, the dirt and first skinned knee added a special feeling of two year oldness to the party. She felt like a kid, unlike her first birthday where she was still a baby.

Later that night before bed I cried because those feelings of when I first laid my eyes on my baby girl and held her in my arms two years ago came back so strong. I can remember so much of what it was like, but honestly I don't think I could ever put into words how earth shaking it was. A feeling I never knew possible branded my soul that night and I think celebrating her birth just makes it easier to revisit a part of that incredible feeling. 

Apologies for the lack of pictures, but that means we had fun right?


 look at the front of her dress. I wasn't kidding when I said she was filthy.

yum... dirt and frosting.


May I please have another? 


Maisie is now obsessed with her birthday. She asks every morning "birthday?""birthday song?". Oh and "cupcakes?". Everyday she wants a cupcake (who doesn't right?) oh boy. How does one teach the concept of time to a (just turned) two year old? Sorry Maisie girl... you have to wait 360 more days...

Gilroy Gardens

The beach now has a rival for Maisie's favorite place to be. We took her to Gilroy Gardens for day 2 of "lets celebrate Maisie's birthday". It was the first time we had ever been there and to be honest I wasn't expecting greatness (probably because of Enchanted Forrest) but the place is beautiful! When you first walk through the entrance you are greeted by the sound of waterfalls while taking in sight of wooden bridges, tall douglas firs/ palms and winding paths beautifully situated between meticulously landscaped gardens. It seriously was amazing. Plus, what's better, is that it is designed for young kids. Maisie can ride on 90% of rides and most of them all by herself. We were nervous about her riding solo because she usually wants to be on our laps, but it almost seemed silly that we doubted her adventurous spirit. She fell in love (no joke) with the goldfish ride and probably rode it 6 times. She would be screaming with laughter the whole time and even the other parents and ride operators would be giggling at Maisie's contagious happiness. It was such a sweet moment. 

We had so much fun, but it was very hot. Thank goodness the place had ample shade, iceys and a huge splash pad to cool off in because we were totally needing those about an hour into our fun. Note to self: next time bring more cash, bathing suits and a spray bottle. 

Shall we get to the pictures?

the swan/duck paddle boats are made in Switzerland. How darling are they?

so excited for the choo choo train.

yelling "choo choo" into the wind.












We are going back on Memorial day because Maisie hasn't stopped talking about it since we got home. She talks about the "choo choo in tunnel" and "orange fishy go up down, up down around" We are so excited to take her back. This time we will be better prepared, but lets hope it's not as hot!

Sunset Beach

Last weekend was full of celebration as Maisie neared her second birthday.

We started things off with a beach trip and were a tad disappointed because the weather app promised said 75-80 degrees without a cloud in sight, but it never got above 65 and the sunshine never broke through the clouds. A simple way to describe it would be, Oregon-like weather. Gray, lack luster skies covered with a claustrophobic blanket of clouds. It was not what we were looking for and if I ever feel a twinge of sadness for my home state, I will remember this moment and then be thankful I live in such a sunshine filled state.

But Maisie even with a few shivers, never complained. She still braved the water, got sand in every crevice possible and was so content stomping on sand castles and running along the shoreline. Oh and we found 5 perfectly intact sand dollars! I think that's a record! They were everywhere. Is there such a thing as a sand dollar season? Remember what they look like in the wild

Here are pictures from our not-so-sunny but still fun beach day...



look at all of the sand in her hair



adding the finishing touches


Sunday, May 13, 2012

au revoir months


Today was Maisie's last day of being aged in months. Tomorrow, my sweet girl will be 2 (oy vey).  I have been meaning to write a post on all her little happenings for quite some time, but I think this will be a sweet farewell to my 23 month old and to now celebrate my (almost) two year old.

Maisie is currently in such a strange stage. It's like all of her emotions have been heightened to the nth degree . When she is sweet, she is beyond cuddly. When she is happy, she is the happiest little girl in the world. And when she's upset and mad, well... it's full on earth shaking, belly flop to the ground tantrum time. It's quite alright though because when I can snuggle her in my arms for over an hour without her squirming away or even a wimpier of a complaint, I will take the occasional tantrum. I think that's a fair trade off right?

Every day she cracks me up. She's quite the ham now (she always has been, but as of lately she has just been so silly). The best part? When she makes me laugh, she laughs with me. It makes my heart swell because she has put together the joy of making others happy. She's such a little person now and when did that happen? Her silly, stubborn, so full of light, little spirit has been such a joy to watch grow. I know without a doubt she was handpicked for Austin and I and I couldn't be more thankful.

firsts at 23 months: 
first piece of candy- a banana flavored lollipop that we both assumed she couldn't unwrap and boy, did she prove us wrong.

first thai food expirence- massaman curry and all. She loved the spicy peanut sauce over sticky rice and of course the pad thai.

first homemade strips- we hadn't made our homemade version of strips in over 2 years and we both decided it was time to make them again. Maisie mainly ate the cheese and the hot sauce (she's her fathers daughter right?)

first pair of saltwater sandals

first unprompted "love you" said as daddy was leaving to the store.

first time wearing size 4 diapers. They are still a little big, but I don't think we are going back to 3. This makes me sad, because she has been wearing size 3 diapers since she was 6 months old.

first bon fire at the beach complete with hot dogs roasted over the fire

first time riding a ride all by herself. Maisie fell in love with the fishy ride at Gilroy Gardens (pictures soon).

favorites at 23 months:

favorite food- raspberries, tortillini, nutella and toast, bananas, any kind of berry, cheese, oatmeal with greek yogurt, berries and almond butter, homemade spanish brown rice, Panera mac & cheese, any kind of soup, BBQ'd hebrew national hot dogs and of course her beloved milk (whole and almond milk. we do both). She pounds the stuff down. 

favorite nursery rhyme: twinkle twinkle little star

favorite toys- her baby doll (that was actually mine when I was a newborn) Rosie her pink puppy, duplos and "snakie" her very realistic looking snake.

favorite books- If you give a mouse a cookie, If you give a pig a party, If you give a moose a muffin. Pretty much any of the "if you give a..." titles. She loves them. Also, Hop on pop, Put me in the zoo, Theres a wocket in my pocket.

favorite movies- anything with Snoopy in it, Dumbo and Lady and the Tramp.

We go to Costco a lot. I'm more comfortable not mentioning how many times we actually we go there in a months time, but trust me it's a lot. Anyway, when we are driving home we pass a furniture place that has one of those inflatable dancing tube things. You know the strange things you see outside of car dealerships? Well Austin has dubbed him "crazy guy" and every time we head back to the car and make our way out of the parking lot Maisie yells "crazy guy! crazy guy! crazy guy!!"  and when she finally spots him she lets out the biggest chuckle. 

She loves having bows in her hair now. She wants one in her hair at all times and if it falls out, its the end of the world. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Me and my sister are a tad bit obsessed with bows. We have been since we were little girls and it broke my heart when Maisie no longer wanted to wear any hair accessories including head bands, bows and hats. She's still not a fan of headbands, but loves her bows and hats. It makes her curly hair look styled now. Which is good because as much as I love her curly locks, 60% percent of the time they frizz or just looks unkempt, but with a bow to help keep things in place, it looks much less like a ragamuffin.

words & play at 23 months:
Who knows how many words she's up to now, but it's a lot. I used to write down every new word, but the list got crazy long, so I stopped, but she doesn't cease to amaze us with her vocabulary and comprehension. Example: the other day she said tassel while describing my bookmark. What in the world? Baby genius I tell you!

She is starting to put together the structure of family. She loves pointing out in books where there's a mama and dada of one the characters. Example: mama mouse and dada mouse in "if you give a mouse a cookie".

Maisie loves to pretend her toys are sleeping. She rocks them in her arms, sings them a song, tucks them in with a blanket and says "night night". Then she proceeds to shush us every time we make a sound. It's really sweet watching her become motherly to her "little ones". She will often pretend to feed them and make them dance as well.

She is really fascinated with anything that flies. Airplanes, kites and balloons are her favorite. She explains very enthusiastically "high high HIGH sky!!"

"hold you?" is currently her most used saying. We are trying to get her to say "hold me" but it still melts my heart every time she says "hold you?"

When Maisie wakes up I always ask her "did you have a good nap?" she says yeah. "Did you have good dreams?" yeah. "What did you dream about?" she used to always say "fan" as in our ceiling fan, but now she says mama and dada. Oh and sometimes it's about flowers too.

Cuddling has been one of her favorite activities lately. She will run full speed into my arms asking  "cuddle?" and no matter what I am doing I always oblige her.

"Here! Thank you!" Maisie loves to hand me things and say "Here!" and sometimes if I don't say thank you right away, she will say it for me. She is so polite sometimes. She loves to say thank you even for the smallest gesture.

Maisie doesn't know how to snap her fingers, but she has mastered the technique even though it doesn't produce any sound. So what does my little genius baby do? She clicks her tongue to make the snapping sound. When she first did this it blew our minds. So if you can't see her mouth, you would totally think she were really snapping her fingers.

Maisie is starting to sing even more. When I sing "twinkle twinkle" she always sings the last word in the sentence. Example she would sing the words star, are, high, sky, star and are. She also does this with "you are my sunshine" and "the ABCS"

She can count to 8 all by herself and 10 if we assist, but her favorite number is 2. Sometimes she will count like this:
1...2...2...2...3...4...5...2 or just 2...2...2... 

She knows all of her colors now. Including gray, brown, black and white. And for some reason when she says white she whispers it ever so softly. It's so cute.

We got her a wagon complete with umbrella as an early 2nd birthday present. She adores it! Not only does she love going on rides, but one of the sides flips up, turning it into a bench and she loves to sit in it outside on our balcony. She brings some of her toys and blankets out there and makes a little bed in the sunshine.

This little girl loves to pray and you bet she keeps us accountable. If we even think about eating before blessing the food, she calls us out. The only thing is, once is not good enough for little Maisie. She isn't satisfied with just one prayer and will want stop us to say another (or 5) through out our meal. When she's really excited to eat she will stare down her food, but for the most part her eyes are shut and head bowed.

Maisie can sing this whole song by herself:
night, night
night, night
go to sleep
go to sleep
night, night
night, night
close your eyes, go to sleep.

That's all for now. Time to prepare myself for being the mother of a 2 year old. We have been celebrating her all weekend long, but those posts will come soon. Tomorrow we are going to meet friends at the park to celebrate with pizza, root beer floats and of course cake!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

pink photo challenge

Once again, I am entering a photo challenge for The Paper Mama this time the theme is "pink" and instantly, I thought of Maisie's bright pink romper from this post. The only thing is which photo is my favorite?

This one?

Maybe this one?

Or even this one? Come on, who can't love that adorable grouchy face?

Oh, that contagious smile that I just love so.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo super moon

Austin and I knew for a few weeks that on the night of Cinco de Mayo that there was going to be a super moon (don't know what that is? Watch this 3 minute video here for the details). Anyway the moon was going to be really cool. So we packed Maisie and her sweet new wagon (early birthday gift that assisted us during our move) and planned to head to the beach, have a bonfire, watch the sunset and the super moon rise. Well, that's not exactly what ended up happening, but oh well. It seemed like every one had the same idea (I don't think it being Cinco de Mayo helped at all) but all the fire pits were claimed for. So we made our way to the boardwalk where we decided to get some chowder and snuggle up on a bench to watch the show. We were keeping a look out when I looked up from my bread bowl full of steamy chowder and there in the misty distance, was the moon. It was almost creepy how faded it was, yet so huge and distinct. We watched in awe as the light pink moon went from a deeper reddish hue, to yellow and finally to white. As the moon rose it got dramatically smaller, but was still so bright. It started to get chilly and Maisie was bundled up in all our blankets so we made our way home, but not before we took a few photos of course.









desert nature walk

Maisie and I decided to explore the Arizona desert to hopefully spot some wildlife and let me tell you, we weren't disappointed. I was hoping to see a snake (because Maisie LOVES snakes, weird right?) but we ended up seeing a bunch of other creatures on our long walk. It was super windy and it had rained just hours before, so the air was clean and refreshing, yet still warm. IMG_5006 IMG_4986 IMG_4979 IMG_5004 IMG_5008 IMG_4995

sidewalk chalk & puddle jumping

One morning during our trip in Arizona, everyone was at work so Maisie and I decided to take a stroll to the nearby park. When we got there we noticed that the sprinklers had recently came on leaving puddles galore all over the basketball court. Our original plans of playing with sidewalk chalk seemed to be crushed, but I decided to hand Maisie the bucket of chalk and let her do whatever she wanted. If she wanted to throw her chalk into the water, oh well it's only a matter of a few dollars. She loved coloring with the multicolored chalk, but she really enjoyed taking frequent breaks for some old fashioned puddle jumping. Occasionally sitting in the puddles to splash with her hands and legs. Then the inevitable chalk in water scenario happened, but it wasn't like I was going to bring the chalk back to California anyway. Sidenote: I HATE the feeling of chalk. I think it goes back to my gymnastics days, but you know what's worse than dry chalk? That's right, wet chalk. The strange concoction gets all over the place, rapidly dries, making your hands feel like... well chalk and that's just disturbing. I sucked it up though and let Maisie go chalk crazy and it made me happy to watch her explore with a new medium.